Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 WSOP Day 44 - Day 2B: The Last of the Mohicans

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

I'm not gonna lie. I went out last night and partied it up too hard. I passed out for a couple of hours, woke up, and rushed to the Rio for the Media tournament, only to bust out early so I can watch the rest of the World Cup final. Now, I finally have a few minutes to recap yesterday's action.

In short, I have nothing to report about Day 2B that I didn't already write about in the semi-live blog. The Prahlad Friedman hand is the craziest thing that went down yesterday. Definitely check out what I had to say about that.

Anyway, it's still way too early to start fluffing up any of the pros who are still left, and the big stacks are not even guaranteed to even cash. Remember Dmitri Nobles? That used car salesman fizzled out in 2006 after jumping out to a huge lead. I recall an embarrassing incident in 2008, when one rube reporter went nuts trying to sensationalize the Day 1 chipleader. Poor guy got pummeled on Day 2 and busted out Day 3 before the money.

Anyway, 2,557 players will return on Day 3. According to the Donkey Liquidfication Theory, about half of the field will get wiped out... or 48.3%. Our computer model spit out 1,235 as the number of players remaining at the end of Day 3.

So, here's who fared well on Day 2B....
End of Day 2B Chip Counts:
1 David Assouline – 387,800
2 Ricardo Fasanaro - 380,000
3 Matt Reed - 337,800
4 Jim 'MrBigQueso' Collopy - 337,800
5 Charles Sylvestre - 292,000
6 Jon Van Fleet - 290,500
7 Sasha Rosewood - 279,000
8 Vanessa Selbst - 265,000
9 Marco Johnson - 264,500
10 Bryn Kenney - 260,000
That's it for now. Today is a day off. Action will resume on Monday at noon for Day 3.

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