Friday, July 02, 2010

2010 WSOP: By the Numbers

By Pauly
Charlotte, NC

I'm always keeping track of odd things. Here's some of that list...
2010 WSOP: By the Numbers
Events I Played: 0
Hookers Seen Inside Amazon Ballroom: 4
Hookers Seen With Known Poker Pros: 2
Times I Mistook a Known (Annoying) Female Pro for a Tranny: 4
Times I Pissed Next to Steve Wong: 2
Times I Pissed Next to Durrrr: 1
Times Durrrr Snuck a Peak: 1.5
World Cup Matches I Bet: 7
World Cup Draws I Bet and Won: 3
Times A Pro Threaten to Sue Me: 1
Mike Paulle Sightings: 3
Oliver Tse Sightings: 0
Limes Tossed: 0 (#WaitingonOtis)
Days Michalski Showed Up This Summer: 14
Days Michalski Said He'd Show Up and Didn't: 22
Words Written on Tao of Poker Since Memorial Day: 69,000+
Words in Lost Vegas: 93,000+
Words in Original Lost Vegas Manuscript: 323,000+
New Twitter Followers Added: 1,206
Twitter Followers Lost: 1,151
British Bracelet Winners: 5
Number of British Bracelet Prop Bets I Won: 4
Hands of Poker Played Inside the Rio: 0
WSOP Events Played Since 2008: 0
Hooker Bar Visits: 1
Hooker Bar Drinks Consumed: 0
Times Went to In-N-Out: 9
Times Pulled Over By Police On Way to In-N-Out: 1
Drunken Girls Who Fell Down In Front of Me: 2
Drunken Girls I Saw Puking Into Trash Can: 1
Number of Media Reps Who Asked Me For a Job Writing on Tao of Poker for the 2011 WSOP: 23
Number of Players Who Asked Me For Weed: 42
Number of Media Who Offered Me Vicodin: NOT ENOUGH
Times Nearly Run Over By Motorized Scooter: 2
Pros Who Accused Me of Being the "Anonymous Pro": 1
Number of Times I Actually Wrote Down a Hand, Then Reported It On Tao: 1
Chip Counts Performed: 0
Times I Made Fun of Chip Counts On Twitter: 19
Money Lost in Throwing Things Prop Bets: $82
Times the Lights Went Out at the Rio: 1
Times the Internet Went Out at the Rio: 3.5
Mini-Bags of Beef Jerky Consumed: 7
Run-Ins With Surly ESPN Cameramen: 0
Times Allen Kessler Handed Me His Doyle's Room "Bonus Code" Business Card: 3
Drunken Germans I Almost Got Into a Fistfight With: 2
Devil Sightings: 666
Times I Saw Eskimo Clark Bringing Dan Heimiller Food: 2
Phish Shows I Have Seen on My Day Offs: 4


  1. Champ3:54 PM

    THIS is why you're tha man Pauly! Love these off-beat observations.

    Viva el medico!

  2. SpeakEasy12:16 AM

    Most excellent summary.

  3. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Probably my favorite post of the series.  Might make it out next year, and I promise to force a line on players *bringing* weed...