Sunday, July 11, 2010

Media Day and Media Daze - New Tao of Pokerati Episodes

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Dan and Pauly show up at the Rio on very little sleep, and they hang out at the media event chatting about things that they can only talk about.
Episode 61: Media Day and Angry Timtern with Timtern - Pauly busted early from the media event and is sweating the World Cup final. Dans tops by to chat on his break. He's still in, but an angry, pissed off Timtern wanted to vocalize his displeasure about a particular hand that he played against Dan. Hilarity ensues.

Episode 62: Media Daze - Dan officially busts and he sits down with Pauly to analyze the progression of the WSOP media event since 2004. The two discuss many important aspects of the media only tournament and how it has evolved over the years and where it could go from here.
Listen to more episodes of the quickest podcast in poker at the Tao of Pokerati Archives.


  1. Now this is unfair: Go to the Series Site, No Media Event Updates..

    Not even listed on the schedule.. 

    All of you working for us, and nobody's taking down your event when they try to show their appreciation.  And probably no Jerky, Beast, or whatever else is Sponsoring this year..

  2. Short-Stacked Shamus12:19 AM

    Yea, I'm with Losty!  I can't find it anywhere on Hendon Mob either!

    (Oh, and there was jerky.)