Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 WSOP Main Event Day 7 - Semi-Live Blog

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Day 7. 78 players. We won't stop until we get to 27. It could take seven hours, it could take 17. Who knows...

* * * * *
Quick Numbers
2010 Main Event Entrants: 7,319
Players Remaining: 78
Payouts: 747
First Place: $8,944,138
Prizepool: $68,798,600
Chipleader: Theo Jorgenson - 9.3 Million

Day 7 Money Jumps:
28th-36th - $255,242
37th-45th - $206,395
46th-54th - $168,556
55th-63rd - $138,285
64th-72nd - $114,205
73rd-81st - $94,942

Top 10 Chipcounts:
1. Theo Jorgensen (Denmark) - 9.3M
2. Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi (US)- 7.535M
3. John Racener (US) - 7.2M
4. Jonathan Driscoll (Canada) - 6.57M
5. William Thorson (Sweden) - 6.525M
6. Matthew Jarvis (CAN) - 6.125M
7. Edward Ochana (US) - 5.95M
8. Alexander Kostritsyn (Russia) - 5.715M
9. Cuong Nguyen (US) - 5.65M

Click here for a list of 2010 Main Event money winners and payouts.
Editor's Note: Due to the extreme length of the live blog, if you're reading this on the front page of Tao of Poker, then you have to click through READ MORE link below to read more.

* * * * *

Cards in the Air...

Noticed a few sponsorship deals took place in the down time. The Grinder is patched up with FT and wearing a FT cap. Theo Jorgensen is sporting a PokerStars patch. Stars know controls the Scandis.


* * * * *

Bobby Busto

I wandered over to the featured TV Table for a report, and I caught an elimination on the first hand...
TV Table:
Seat 1: Duy Le - 4100000
Seat 2: Damien Luis - 1850000
Seat 3: John Racener - 7200000
Seat 4: Jeff Banghart - 645000
Seat 5: Tony Dunst - 1550000
Seat 6: Sergey 'gipsy' Rybachenko - 1010000
Seat 7: Jean-Robert Bellande - 700000
Seat 8: Matt Harris - 965000
Jean-Robert Bellande was the first player to get knocked out today. I wandered up to the freatured table just at the right time. He was all in. Duy Le had called but Mr. Rain went into the tank for a few minutes before he folded. He was irked when both players tabled their cards... A-Q for Duy Le and Bellande trailed with Qd-10d. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Mr. Rain folded A-K or a pair. Bobby was all-in for his tournament life... and died on the TV table during the first orbit of the day. Man, the main reason that was the featured table was pretty much Bellande's ability to keep the chatter moving, but along with one of the big stacks (Racener) and Tony Dunst. Sergey 'gipsy' Rybachenko is a solid player, but like most Russians, he's not going to talk much at the table.

Bobby Bellande is busto and one of the more lively personalities in the field just left the building.

* * * * *

Mark Meloche Outkicked and Eliminated

Canadian Mark Meloche had trip nines with Q-9 but his opponent held A-9. Meloche was outkicked and his Main Event run had come to a close.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 1

Eliminated: Gabriel Nassif, Brock Bourne, Jeff Banghart, Mark Meloche, Adam Etter, and Jean-Robert Bellande.

BTW, I posted a complete list of Main Event money winners.

* * * * *

Sad Trombone for Yellow Hat

Benjo's roomie Gabriel 'yellowhat' Nassif is out. Benjo caught the hand... A-K versus J-J. He was sporting a yellow hat today at the secondary TV table. That's his online screen name and an old "Magic: The Gathering Thing." We got Gabriel hooked on In-N-Out Burger this summer.

With Nassif down, the French's hopes are on David Benyamine.

* * * * *

Down to 70 69

Brazilian Eduardo Parras busted Richard Morgan. He's now got over 3 million in chips.

Just as I was typing this, one of Benjo's Frenchie busted. Pierre Canali is out in 70th, so now we're down to 69. Canali busted with A-K which prompted a warning from Benjo, "Don't play A-K today. Both Frenchies busted with Big Slick versus pocket pairs.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 2

Eliminated: Pierre Canali, Richard Morgan, and Habib Khanis.

* * * * *

Theo 1, Basebaldy 0

Basbealdy opened for 120K from the cutoff. Theo Jorgensen popped him to 320K. Basebaldy hesitated for about 90 seconds before he called. The flp was 9-7-3 rainbow. Basebaldy check-called a 375K bet from Theo. The turn was the Qs and both players checked. The river was the 2h. Basebaldy did not act right away. Theo was looking him up and down and pulled out a stack of dark green chips, sort of letting him know what's coming of he checks. Basbebaldy pulled out 600K or so in chips, and Theo snap-called. Basebaldy turned over pocket tens and Theo tabled Kings to win the pot. He took about 1.3 million or so from Basebaldy to improve his lead.

Basebaldy is in a tough spot with Theo to his immediate left and Benyamine to the left of that.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 4

Eliminated: Niklas Toorell, Marcel Cole, and Meenakshi Subramaniam.

* * * * *

Thorson Bullied by Corey Emery

William Thorson opened for 120K. Corey Emery three-bet him from the cutoff for 360K. Thorson four-bet to 1M. Emery announced all in for 2.8M total. Thorsson headed into the tank for almost ten minutes as he deliberated the call.

From the rail, Thor Hansen whispered, "Come on William, call! You could use the action."

"A couple of years ago, I would not even blink about being in a 6 million pot," said Thosson. "Are you gambling? Do you like to gamble?"

The remaining players went on a break while the hand played out. Five minutes into the break, Thorson finally folded. "Your Aces are good," was his only response. Emery did not say a word as he pulled back his stack, which included an additional 1M in chips from Thorson's stack.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 5

Eliminated: Ismail Erkenov and John Armbrust

Down to 64. BTW, I posted a complete list of Main Event money winners.

* * * * *

Joe 'subiime' Cheong Moving On Up

Cheong's just doubled up with A-K held up against Cuong Nguyen's pocket Jacks.

* * * * *

Dunst Not Done

All in preflop. Tony Dunst took pocket Queens to battle against Hasan Habib's A-K. Habib flopped a King, but Dunst rivered a Queen as the crowd exploded. He doubled up and avoided elimination. He's up to almost 2 million.

Still 64 remaining.

* * * *

Bill Melvin Eliminated in 60th Place

After a lull, a few bustouts just happened. One of them was Tao reader Bill Melvin. He just got his Kings cracked by Ah-10h. Rough break for the player from Alabama.

Down to 59 now.

* * * * *

Basebaldy Strikes Out; Finishes in 59th Place

According to Benjo, Eric "basebaldy" Baldwin busted when his Kd-8d lost to pocket nines.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 7

Eliminated: Eric 'basebady' Baldwin, Bill Melvin, Rudy Miller, Gary Dishongh, Denis Pisarev, Ismail Erkenov, Jim McCrink and John Armbrust

* * * * *

Les Miserables; David Benyamine Eliminated in 58th Place

The French media are collectively dejected. Their hero, David Benyamine, is the greatest French player in the history of poker. He just busted out in 58th. Qs-10s vs. Ah-Jh. His French-Canadian opponent, Pascal LeFrancois, flopped a heart flush and Benyamine had outs to the nuts, but whiffed.

There are two Frenchies left, though, but none close to the ability of Benyamine.

* * * * *

Country Breakdown: 29 Americans & 4 Scandis

I crunched the numbers and here's the results with 55 players remaining...
29 - USA
8 - Canada
4 - Scandis (2 Denmark, 1 Swede & 1 Norwegian)
3 - Russia
2 - France
2 - Germany
2 - Italy
1 - UK
1 - Ireland
1 - Slovakia
1 - Brazil
1 - Holland
* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 8

Eliminated: Petter Jetten, Josh Brikis, Jared Ingles, Matt Harris, and David Benyamine.

* * * * *

Tensions Mounting; Crowds Surging

The inner moat for the media separating the rail from the players is great in theory. We also got a couple of stages to stand on and see the action. Even for someone like me who is 6 foot tall has trouble peering over a camera crew. The stages are a godsend, but spectators are a deviant and angleshooting sort. They rush the moat whenever the guatds aren't looking which complicates matters. In some spots, they pushed their outer perimeter closer to the moat. There's a corner where there's zero distinction between the moat and the rail after the spectators took that over. The agents wandering around are really bad because they don't have press badges so when spectators see them inside the moat -- they instantly follow suit. A few of the guards have been great about clearing out the stragglers, but I'm afraid they can't stop the mutiny.

Poor Jess Welman got into it with one asswizard on the rail. He even taunted her with a "You signed up for this." Yeah, we signed up for a job in poker media. But nowhere does it say we have to take shit from ungrateful dweebs.

The beef jerky lounge is packed like a club. I can barely move through that area. The T table is SRO. Everyone wants a glimpse of the Grinder. William Thorson got moved to that table which also includes Tony Dunst. The secondary table includes Joe "subiime" Cheong. He's been playing well the last day or so.

* * * * *

52 Players Remaining

Chris Bolt just busted in 53rd place. Players are heading out to a quick break. When they return, they will play a full two-hour level and then take a dinner break.

By the way, enjoy this new favorite site of mine which is NSFW -- Girl/Camera/Mirror. Yummo.

* * * * *

Alexander Kostritsyn Eliminated

The one Russian who I thought was going to make the final table -- just busted out on a sick sick hand -- just before the break began. Alexander Kostritsyn's Kings lost to Bryn Kenney's Ah-Qh. He got it all in on a jack-high board with two hearts. Kenney spiked a heart on the river to win the pot. Kostritsyn finished in 52nd place. 51 to go.

* * * * *

Gipsy Takes One Out

Sergey 'gipsy' Rybachenko was all in preflop with 7c-7s against James Manning's Big Slick. Gipsy's pair held up and Manning bowed out in 51st.

* * * * *

Tony Dunst Dunzo in 50th

It was an epic run, but it's over. Tony 'Bond18' Dunst busted out in 50th place when his A-Q could not come from behind to beat William Thorson's Big Slick. Dunst was short since late on Day 5 but managed to hang in there yesterday and advance to today. He spent some time at the TV table and avoided one bullet when he doubled up against Hasan Habib and avoided an elimination. Alas, Dunst just hit the rail to a warm applause.

By the way, Dunst is the happiest person I had ever met who went this deep in the Main Event and busted. He's beaming right now. Awesome attitude. Most pros I know act like jackoffs and throw chairs, or smash TVs. He came up to the press box to chat and buy a copy of Lost Vegas. He didn't have any cash on him. Damn poker players. I let him buy a copy on credit. He's good for it after six cashes this summer a $168,556 score in the ME.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 9

Eliminated: Tony Dunst, Alexander Kostritsyn, James Manning, and Chris Bolt.

Click here for a list of 2010 Main Event money winners and payouts.

* * * * *

ODB Doubles

David Baker crippled Evgeny Shnayder when his A-K sooted held up against A-10 sooted. The Russian hit the rail soon after. Original David Baker is now up to 3.7 million and looking good after fighting and clawing his way to this spot.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 10

Eliminated: Sergey 'gipsy' Rybachenko, Evan Lamprea, Evgeny Shnayder, James Fennel, and Jacobo Fernandez.

The last standing Irishman, James Fennel is out. So is the last standing Russian... Sergey Rybachenko. Gipsy is nevermore.

* * * * *

Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!

Yes, we're down to 44. The flood gates have opened up since this level began. We need 17 more bustouts before we go home today. Joe 'subiime' Cheong is the current chipleader with almost 11 million.

* * * * * *

Grinder Beats Up on Scandi

Photo by Benjo

It was mayhem at the TV table. The Grinder shoved with A-J and William Thorson tank-called with 10d-9d. The Grinder flopped an ace, but Thorson turned a gutter. The river was another Ace and Thorson whiffed on his straight draw. Thorson's stack took a hit, while the Grinder doubled up to over 3.5M.

* * * * * *

Busting Ass

Day 1 chipleaders never go anywhere, which is why it was impressive that David Assouline went as deep as he did. He held the lead early on, but the French-Canadian could not get anything going today. He just busted out in 44th place. Another one of the few vocal and demonstrative players are now out. Down to 43.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 11

Eliminated: Matthew Berkey and David Assouline

* * * * *

The Dreaded Slow Down; Subiime = New Chipleader

Still 42 players. Action tapered off after an onslaught of eliminations. Dunno if anyone will bust before dinner break. The only thing of interest in my notes was that Bryn Kenney has been getting a massage for most of the afternoon.

On the chippies front, Joe 'subiime' Cheong is the new leader after passing the 14M mark. He's one of five players who currentl have stacks worth at least 10M with Theo Jorgenson, Pascal LeFrancois, Filippo Candio, and William Thorson. The shortstack is currently Hasan Habib.

Oh, and by the way, we lost complete control as far as keeping spectators away from the tables. Everyone seemed to have given up with the crowd control. Awesome.

* * * * *

Dinner Break

Play resumes at 8:30pm.

* * * * *

Fading the Flush; Nguyen Seizes Lead in Monsterpotten

On the last hand before the break, Theo Jorgensen lost a shit ton of chips to Soi Nguyen. They got it all in on the King-high flop with two clubs. Nguyen held top pair against Jorgensen's Ac-3c. Nguyen faded the overcard and the flush to double up to almost 20 million. Yes, 20 million. If Jorgensen wins that -- well, wow. But he lost and slipped to under 3 million.

* * * * *

Multi-Way Orgies; Players Fade Into Oblivion

Someone must have been setting up cold decks because I witnessed two different three-way all ins.

On the first one over at the TV table, William Thorson had Hasan Habib and Damien Luis covered. Thorson trailed with A-Q versus Habib's A-K and Luis' pocket fours. An Ace on the flop sealed the hand for Habib. He doubled through Thorson and busted Luis.

On the outer tables, it was another three-way all-in. Brandon Steven, Jan Randomsen and Jonathan Driscoll. Randomsen's A-Q and Driscoll's K-K got busted by Ad-Kd when Steven flopped all diamonds. He faded the boat and sent those two to the rail in 39th and 40th place.

I missed the Nicolas Babel elimination, but he finished in 38th. Down to 37.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 12

Eliminated: Nicolas Babel, Jonathan Driscoll, Jan Randomesen, and Damien Luis.

* * * * *

Recently Departed, Vol. 13

Eliminated: Eduardo Parras, Corey Emery, Edward Ochana, Gabe Costner, and Michal Wywrot.

* * * * *

Sinking Scandis and Gushers

Down to 31. I can't keep up. Everyone is busting so fast. The last Brazilian hit the rail. No more "Vamoooooooooooooooooooooo!" from the railbirds.

Four more eliminations and we get to go home. We're down to four tables, playing eight-handed. Soi Nguyen is way out in front and two French-Canadians are in the chase pack. Hasan Habib and Johnny Lodden are the shorties.

The Grinder is still alive and holding court at the TV table. He's up to 9 million after knocking out Corey Emery.

* * * * *

German Hoopster Dunked

Michael Skender, a former basketball player from Germany, just hit the rail amid the flurry of bustouts that are happening every few minutes it seems since we returned from dinner break. Skender was playing with his shoes off. I looked at his humongous sneakers and though, man, he must be hiding a piano leg in his pants.

Skender won the German last longer. He's being interviewed by ESPN as we speak. He's not as tall as Ed de Hass. The former Dutch player went deep in the 2007 Main Event and was staked by Tony G. As soon as he busted he said, "I go collect my money. Go to the Bellagio. Smoke a joint, then get a hooker."

Down to 30. I updated the payout list.

* * * * *

New Tao of Pokerati Episodes - Cutting Loose and Emerging Stories

Day 7 of the Main Event. Dan and Pauly recorded episodes with Benjo and special guest Change100.
Episode 69: Cutting Loose with Change100 - Dan and Pauly give Change100 a little guff for working "Michalski hours" after showing up at 9pm. Her WSOP assignment is official over, but she's at the Rio to check out the last bits of Day 7 as a self-admitted scenster. A potential elimination hand occurs during the beginning of the episode and Pauly ditches the crew to cover the action inside the ropes. Meanwhile, Dan and Change100 have a leisurely chat about how much more enjoyable the WSOP is when you don't have to be running around like a madman covering hands.

Episode 70: Emerging Narratives and November Nine No-Names with Benjo - The power trio returns for a rare episode featuring Dan, Benjo, and Pauly. While sweating the final four tables, Benjo quickly recaps some of the more interesting narratives from the Main Event. The discussions shifts towards whether or not we care if the final nine players are a bunch of unknowns.
For more episodes visit Tao of Pokerati Podcast Archives.

* * * * *

Scandi Down: Theo Jorgenson Eliminated in 30th Place

I mean, wow. He went from the penthouse to the outhouse. Danish pro, Theo Jorgensen at one point seemed like a lock for the final table. Alas, it took one hand to wreck his November. At the last hand before the break, he lost a 20 million pot which destroyed any momentum.

After dinner, Jorgensen was moved into the featured TV table, but didn't spend too much time there -- he busted out in 30th place when his A-K lost to John Racener's A-Q. They got it all in on an Ace-high and all clubs flop. Jorgensen was ahead, but Racener held the Qc. Jorgensen didn't lose to a flush, but instead, Racener spiked a Queen to win the hand with two pair. The Scandi busted out in unceremonious fashion. The Scandi Sleeper Cell is down to William Thorson and Johnny Lodden.

Down to 29. Two more eliminations and we get to go home.

* * * * *

New Tao of Pokerati Episodes - Cutting Loose and Emerging Stories

Ah, we have one more episode for you!
Episode 71: Vampire Weekend with Benjo - During the last break of Day 7, the agents were slithering around the Amazon Ballroom and the hallways sucking the blood out of anyone in still alive in the Main Event without an endorsement deal. Benjo and Pauly discuss the sleazy side of poker and their plans to take over the live updates and become the biggest player management agency at the 2011 WSOP with
For more episodes visit Tao of Pokerati Podcast Archives.

* * * * *

Gianni Direnzo Whacked

The last standing Italian, Gianni Direnzo, just hit the rail. The olive oil exporter is no longer with us.

We're now down to 28. One more elimination and we're going home.

* * * * *

Bryn Kenney Eliminated in 28th Place; Day 7 Complete

On one of the outer tables, Bryn Kenney got it all in with pocket deuces against A-A. He could not come from behind to win and busted out in a disappointing 28th place. With his elimination, the day was over. The final three tables of 27 players will come back tomorrow and play down to the final nine.

I posted a list of Main Event money winners.

See ya at noon for the semi-live blog.

Stay tuned for official end of Day 7 chipcounts, and of course, the end of day recap.

* * * * *

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