Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Morning WSOP Link Dump: Ivey Burn Bag, WCOP Podcast, Value Outside the Rio

By Pauly
Raleigh, NC

Happy Friday. I'm on a min-vacation in the Carolinas. I'll be back for the Main Event. In the meantime, enjoy this special holiday weekend. And here's a few links for you to delve deep into when you have more time...
Katkin has another op/ed that he wrote. This one shines light on the value you can get outside of the Rio if you choose to play non-WSOP events. (Pokerati)

Los Hombres have a new podcast out. Listen up! (Wicked Chops Poker)

Shamus made a cameo on the Gambling Times podcast and chatted about his WSOP experiences with Falstaff and Special K. (Gambling Times)

The Ivey Burn Bag, Part 2 is a continuation of an in depth look into the life of Phil Ivey. (Michael Craig's Blog/Full Tilt)
That's it. Have an awesome weekend. Be back in Vegas on Monday morning, just in time for the Main Event! If you want to keep tabs on my mini-vacation follow me on Twitter (@taopauly).

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