Sunday, July 25, 2010

Godfather of Online Poker, Girls on the Rail, Reporters Notebook, and Andy Bloch aka Internet Freedom Superhero

By Pauly
Malibu, CA

Good morning boys and girls (and the odd alien or three). Welcome back to the Sunday Morning link dump... just a little something for you to enjoy before your Sunday brunch, or something to masticate on while grinding out the Sunday tournaments...
The amount of photoshop talent on 2+2 amazes me. Another epic thread... The Godfather of Online Poker, which stars some of your favorite photoshopped pros and personalities. A+ all around. (2+2)

The best of tits and ass (mostly ass, but some glorious tits) at the 2010 WSOP. Without further ado, the Best of the Girls on the Rail. (Wicked Chops Poker)

Snoopy's ruminations about food at the Rio gave me a hearty chuckle. Just thinking about that disgusting food gave me heartburn. (Black Belt Poker)

Andy Bloch is Superman meets Green Lantern meets Captain America. He returned to the Rio last week to defend Internet freedom. (Pokerati)

Shamus indexed all of his posts from this summer at the WSOP which he titled "A Reporters Notebook", and of course, it is a must read. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

I forgot to mention this installment of the Life of Ivey called Suited Up and Slow Rolled by Barry. (Poker Road)

If you're a music freak or if you're someone who is seeking out new music, then you should download the latest mix from BTreotch. He's one of my musician buddies who has turned me onto an eclectic mixed bag of music over the last few years. He posts four (quarterly) mixes a year and the 2010 2nd Q Mix is up for your enjoyment. (Coventry Music)

I recently published the (always late) July issue of Truckin'. I contributed two short stories. Everest was inspired by one of those hoarding reality TV shows. Free is an excerpt from a novella about a serial killer from Seattle that I started, but never finished. This month's issue features stories from Kat, Waffles, and Ernest. (Truckin')
That's it. NGTFOOMO!


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    I like the adult side include the poker babes