Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Morning WSOP Link Dump: More Ladies Controversy

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Enjoy your Sunday morning with a few heady links, or if you're grinding the Sunday tournaments, then here's a few things to keep you entertained in between folding hands...
The blunt voice of reason has sounded off on the Ladies Only events. Linda Geenen posted her witty, funny, and astute thoughts on men playing in the Ladies event. (Table Tango).

Change100 spun an Op/Ed for Poker News titled Don't Rain on My Parade. When I read items like that, I'm certainly in awe of her talents. She's been getting plenty of accolades about her piece which is why it's a must read. (Poker News)

Shaun Deeb has an official statement about why he played in the Ladies Event. (You Tube)

Daniel Nergreanu weighs in on the subject of men playing in Ladies Only events. (Full Contact Poker)

Los Hombres have a new episode of their podcast with The Grinder and Dee Dozier. (Wicked Chops Poker)

More spank-worthy material with a photo dump from the Ladies Event. (Wicked Chops Poker)
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  1. Linda G wrote a great article as did Change100. Rosa Lee who she references was the transgender gal who actually final tabled the NAPT Mohegan Sun ladies event. She got moved to my table when we went down to 2.

    I dont think Shaun honored his grandma Ellen by playing the ladies event. I hope she kicks his butt when he gets back home to Troy. If I run into her at a poker gathering here.  Ill ask her what she thinks.

  2. Nancy Martin11:57 AM

    I can't wait to see just how in favor of gender equality all of these guys are when the first female wants to play in Major League Baseball.

  3. Linda Geenen1:54 PM

    Thank you for linking me up and for the 'high 5' on my view.  It's always great to see you...feels like coming home.  :)