Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Morning WSOP Link Dump: Dancing with the Devil, Cougars on the Rail, and Where Do You Go When the Lights Go Out?

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Good morning citizens of Earth. It's Friday morning which means many of you are ready to get wild and crazy this weekend, or at the least escape the shackles of your moronic bosses. I have a few items that will keep you entertained this fantastic morning. And if you're lucky enough to be living the good life, then pour a little tequila into your orange juice, pack up kind bud into your pipe, or add another sugar cube to your cup of joe, because here's the Friday morning link dump...
Where do you go when the light go out? A blackout hit Las Vegas momentarily the other night. Shamus was caught in the middle when the lights went out. (Hard-Boiled Poker)

I hope you didn't buy a piece of this fucking clown's Main Event action, otherwise, you're shit out of luck! (Donk Down)

If there are two of my friends that I would pay good money to have a lingerie cat fight -- it would be Lacey Jones and Michele Lewis. Mr. Q, otherwise known as the covert photographer from Wicked Chops Poker (he's a real person -- former British ex-pat, special forces, the real fucking deal), snapped a gallery of photos of the ladies in question engaging in a little foreplay. (Wicked Chops Poker)

Steven Kelly was the latest 21-year-old to win a WSOP bracelet. Here's how he did it. (Bluff)

Snoopy encountered the Devil and felt compelled to write about his brush in Dancing with the Devil. (Black Belt Poker)

If you missed it, the current issue of Truckin' is out. My contributions included 152 Peaches and Inertia Junction. (Truckin')

Don't forget that you can always follow me (@taopauly) throughout the day for live updates. (Twitter)
That's it. Have a groovy weekend. NGTFOOMO.

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