Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NOW AVAILABLE!! Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Click here to buy Lost Vegas.

Yes, you can officially buy a copy of Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker.

I am selling the book via a third-party seller, The books are print-on-demand (POD) which means that they are environmentally safe for all of you tree huggers. We will not waste any paper. Lulu prints copies as you order them.

Here's some answers to FAQs about Lost Vegas.

Please go here to buy the book.

Thanks for your patience.


  1. jxma@aol.com9:11 AM


  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Any chance we can get a pdf or Kindle version?

  3. Not now. In a few months. Check the FAQs.

  4. Brian G.11:25 AM

    Looking forward to getting the copy I bought yesterday.  Good luck with the sales Pauly.

  5. Just ordered a copy!  This is a very cheap way to support your years of great writing! If I do a review of it I will add it to my site as a Las Vegas survival guide review and how not to get rolled by a hooker.

  6. LouManGroup1:05 PM

    I've been looking forward to this since the day I found your blog, Pauly.  Already ordered, and can't wait to dive in.

  7. T-money11:05 AM are just a mile or so from the Lulu press in should be able to go an watch one of your books come off the press

  8. Repete offenders7:57 PM

    Pauly, Congrats.  After years of reading you for free, I'll ship some to ya.  It's really your money that I won at Fantasy Sports Live anyway.

    Thanks for turning me on to that little addiction also.

    Stay sane during the ME...

  9. Schizohedron9:39 PM

    Purchased. Poised near the mailbox in a state of catlike readiness. Many congrats.

  10. Johnny Hughes7:32 AM

    Hey:  Pals of Pauly,

    Write reviews of Lost Vegas for your blogs.  Put it on your facebook, linkedin, myspace, etc.


  11. chris forster (fredfosterOE)2:22 PM

    Many thanks for the good Karma coming my way. May you come out of the next week with your creative marbles intact to write your first publishable novel.