Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Morning Link Dump: The Lush Report, Nadia Rakes, Tilt-a-Bro, and World Cup Chicas

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

It's Friday. It's time to get shitty if you don't have a job. And it's time to fuck around at work if you do got one. And if you're simply a poker junkie, well, then you're in the right spot...
Well now, who knew that Fun Warren was also a political talking head? Check out this video (at the 6:30 mark) of Warren dishing the straight dope about British politics. (Pokerati)

Cool pics from Heather B. in a Week 2 photo essay. (From the Rail)

Shannon Elizabeth charges a huge rake for the cash games she's running at her digs in LA. (Perez Hilton)

Eugene Todd Bro gets abused and super tilted. Hey, it's the WSOP...what else is new? (Poker Road)

In World Cup news: attractive side reporter got blamed for Spain's loss... Scantily clad Dutch girls causing a stir... and body painted porn stars play soccer, er football. (Huffington Post)

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That's it for now. GTFIOOMO.

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  1. Luke Thomas12:10 PM

    a.) I doubt the S. Elizabeth story is true.  Whistlerblower seems like a douch.

    b.) Todd Bro is the man and has hands down the best poker video blog of all time. 

    c.) The Dutch girl gorilla marketing thing is a little scary.  I would think that someone with some brains would let those women go and forget this ever happened.

    d.) I wasn't to impressed with the body painted Cup fans which is completly unlike me.  Can't explain it.

    Over and Out