Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Link Dump: Predicting Gavin Smith, Vegas Images, Man v.s Computer, and British Sports Betting Scandal

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

Happy Monday morning. OK, that was cruel. Mondays suck. The reason I became a writer was so I wouldn't get that sick feeling in my stomach late on Sunday nights and the pukey-taste in my mouth on Monday mornings. So I feel your pain, which is why I'm honored that you decided to stop by the Tao to kill some time. I'll do my best to steer you in the right direction...
Check out Shamus' take on Gavin Smith shipping a bracelet on Saturday... "You're winning this one." (Hard-Boiled Poker)

If you are a fan of true photography, then you must take a peek at one of my new favorite photographers... Wolynski. Take a peek at some of her work at the WSOP. (Vegas Images)

A sports betting scandal has been brewing in the UK after one player scammed a bunch of poker players into giving him money. Homer launched a thorough investigation into the Neil Blatchly Scandal. (Blonde Poker)

Smarter than you think? Insert your own Bill Chen joke here _____. IBM's latest supercomputer, "Watson", will take on a Jeopardy champion. (NY Times)

And in case you just woke up from a drug-induced coma and missed last week's WSOP coverage on Tao of Poker, here are the daily recaps...

Day 25: Phil Ivey Beats Supercomputer for Bracelet Ocho
Day 26: Dispatches from Razz - Swollen Testicles, Ivey's Hoodie, and Vigorous Confusion
Day 27: Kassela Wins Dos, Sinking Norwegian Queen, and Ivey's Bracelet Ceremony
Day 28: About My Very Tortured Friend, Phil Hellmuth
Day 29: Redemption Songs, Part II: Dean Hamrick and Gavin Smith
Day 30: The Sun Wields Mercy; Gavin Smith Wins First Bracelet
That's it. NGTFOOMO.

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