Sunday, March 02, 2008

StB Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

The latest champion... StB

I've been all over the place the last five weeks. For the fifth installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly, I played each one in a different place, and it was just the second time that I played it in New York City.

38 runners showed up. Top 5 places paid prize money.

Special guests included Poker Champ and my buddy Stormy. He's living in Vegas these days but we used to play home games together in NYC during the mid-1990s. We never played hold'em back then, let alone PLO. Times have changed.

My starting table included gpoker, bayne, StB, on_thg, Family Ice, and alessandra21.

I didn't last very long. I got crippled on the fourth hand. I had Qd-Qs-7d-2s. The flop was Qc-Jc-10d. Family Ice bet 100. I raised to 400. He re-raised to 1,300. I put him on A-K for the Broadway straight. I should have gotten away right there. Instead, I moved all in and he called with A-K. I missed outs for a boat and got crippled. Down to 210. On the very next hand, fifth overall, on_thg knocked me out in 38th place. Say hello to Gigli.

One day your the champion, the next day you're the chump.

I was Gigli. I busted out before Change100, Poker Champ, and Amy Calistri even showed up. They all logged on to see that I had already busted.

Poker Champ took over the chiplead on the last hand before the first break. He jumped to almost 4.5K. With two tables to go, TanOrpheus took the chiplead with over 11K. PokerChamp bubbled off the final table.

The final nine included DoubleDave, ZeemJr, Derek, markoflnk, easy_wind, S.t.B, Ingoal, TanOrpheus, and Biggestron. TanOrpheus still held the lead.

Markoflnk jumped out in front, but Zeem took the lead with six to go. DoubleDave was the Bubble Boy, when StB busted him in 6th place.

Zeem held a slight lead at the second break with five players remaining. StB took the lead for a bit with a 22K stack. With three to go, StB went up to 30K.

"Will the world implode if STB wins a tourney?" wondered AlCantHang.

Zeem finished in third place for the second week in a row. When it got to heads up, StB held a lead over TanOrpheus at 40K to 15K. It was a great battle. StB slowly bled chips for the first twenty or so hands. TanOrpheus won six straight hands and took over the lead, but StB went on a run and pulled even before he took it down.

On the final hand, he almost 47K in chips to TanOrpheus' 10K. StB limped from the small blind. TanOrpheus raised to 6,000. StB re-raised to 18,000 to put TanOrpheus all in. TanOrpheus called as StB said, "PLO8 hand."

StB showed Ah-5d-4h-3h. TanOrpheus was ahead with Ac-Kd-Qd-Jc.The board ran out 9d-8c-4s-3d-8s. StB won the pot with two pair and knocked out TanOrpheus in second place.

Congrats to StB for winning Saturdays with Dr. Pauly! Well deserved win for a good egg, despite the fact he's the only Wisconsin resident who is a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Thanks again to everyone who participated this week.

I set up next week's tournament. I'm most likely will not be able to play since I'll be in Florida. I'm going to buy in anyway. If I can't get internet access, I'll sit out and get blinded down. Next week's event will be guested hosted by... Change100. I hope you can play anyway!

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