Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Langerado Ice Cooler Prop Bet

By Pauly
New York City

Despite the obvious destruction of a myriad of brain cells, I managed to survive a week in Florida including four crazy days and nights at the Langerado music festival. It was held in the Everglades on the Seminole Indian Reservation. A group of us (including my buddies the Joker and Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot, Otis, GRob with special guests Uncle Ted, Mrs. GRob, and Mrs. Otis) rented an RV and camped out for the four day party in the middle of nowhere.

The trip was not without a few obstacles to overcome. I lost several skirmishes with fire ants (I had no idea that those little fuckers hurt like hell and leave tiny little boils all over your skin). We also endured lots of crappy weather.

On the plus side, I experienced a bevy of delicious music. I also unleashed a serious bender. I haven't been on one of those mind-numbing excursions in a while. I woke up on Friday morning at 8:30am and went to bed almost two days later at 5:30am on Sunday. Otis made me breakfast twice in that period of time. Talk about one helluva session which included performances from Sam Bush, New Mastersounds (twice), G. Love, The Roots, The Beastie Boys, Phix, STS9, The Wood Brothers, Thievery Corporation, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, REM, and the Disco Biscuits.

I'll be recaping my weekend over at my music blog and Tao of Pauly. I'll also be posting some cool stuff on my photo gallery and uploading videos if you are interested in reading about my misadventures at the Langerado music festival, or seeing some clips of bands and other random videos.

Otis brought chips and cards, but we did not play one hand of poker. We managed one insane prop bet that GRob descried as a "Battle of Dumb."

Here's how it began. On Sunday morning, I reached my hand into the beer cooler. The night before was super cold for Florida and we left the cooler outside. When I dug a beer out of the cooler, it was ice cold. That's when I came up with an idea for a prop bet... who can hold their hand in the cooler for the longest?

We agreed to do the $100 bet at the end of the night after Phil Lesh's set. Sometime after midnight, we stumbled back to our camp ground and the RV. The Joker, GRob, and Otis agreed to participate in the bet.

Four men. One ice cooler. Hijinks ensue.

So who won the ice cooler bet? Check out the video for the results.

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Luckily, no one had to go to the hospital.

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