Saturday, March 15, 2008

Family Ice Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

We had 36 runners for this week for Saturdays with DrPauly. The top 5 places paid prize money. Troublecat made a rare appearance, while the remainder of the field was filled with lots of familiar faces.

My table began seven handed with Biolantte, I_CrackQuads, bayne_s, Troublecat, change1OO, and markoflnk, before on_thg and BiskoKid106 joined the mix to make it nine-handed.

EasyCure was shortstacked when he moved all in for his last 140. He busted out in 36th place and took down Gigli. Nice job sir.

That's a pic of EasyCure that I took when he won Gigli in at the Las Vegas blogger gathering in December of 2006.

Bayne took over chiplead with over 5K after he busted three players on the same hand. I_CrackQuads raised to 105 BiskoKid106 called. Bayne re-raised to 465. Troublecat moved all in for his last 505. I_CrackQuads re-raised to 1730 and was all-in. BiskoKid called with his last 950. Bayne called for 1265. He was ahead with Ah-As-Ks-Td. The board ran out 9c-6h-6d-3c-7h. Bayne's hand held up and he sent three packing.

I busted out in 31st place. With Ac-Ah-9h-6s, I was all in on the turn with a set. Bayne called with a Broadway straight. I could not boat up and was eliminated. Last week, I didn't play and posted and folded my way to 12th place.

Last week's winner Bikom went out in 30th place. At the first break, 23 players remained. Bayne was the chipleader with 7.5K. FamilyIce was in second with 5.3K.

Todd Draper took the chiplead with 11 to go after he busted Change100. Amy Calistri bubbled off the final table in 10th place. Todd was the chipleader going into the final table with 11K. Also making the final table were Family Ice, Mean Gene, lightning36, dredful, Masquerade, bayne_s, maigrey, and Iolair.

The lead was passed back and forth a few times in early final table action. FamilyIce held it for a bit, before Maigrey jumped into the lead, and FamilyIce regained it on the last hand before the second break. Todd eventually settled back into first.

Mean Gene sneaked into the lead when action approached the money bubble. Dredful busted out in 6th place and was the Bubble Boy. The final five made the money, with Todd as the chipleader with 14K.

Iolair flirted with the lead for a bit, until Todd made a surge. He busted Mean Gene in 5th place and increased his stack to 24K. It was the biggest pot of the tournament up to that point. Mean Gene was all in with Ad-Ah-7s-6d against Todd's Kh-Kc-Jh-8c. Todd flopped trip Jacks and it was all over for Mean Gene.

Bayne was Todd's next victim when he went out in 4th place. Bayne was ahead preflop with Kings and flopped a set, but Todd flopped a Broadway Straight, which held up. Todd moved up to over 30K. Iolair was eliminated in 3rd place.

When heads up play began, Todd's 32K was ahead of Family Ice's 22K. Family Ice was in trouble and slipped to under 10K, but doubled up to stay alive. He chipped away at the lead. Once he grabbed the lead, he never looked back.

On the final hand, both players checked preflop. The flop was 9d-6h-6s. Todd bet 4K and Family Ice called. The turn was the 3d. Todd fired out 12K. Family Ice moved all in for 23.8K. Todd called and was all in. Todd held Ad-10c-9h-5d and was behind Family Ice's trip 6s and Qd-Js-8d-6c. The river was the Ah. Todd's hand did not improve and he busted out in second place. Family Ice won the pot and won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

Congrats to Family Ice.
Week 7 Money Winners:
1. Family Ice - $144
2. Todd Draper - $86.40
3. Iolair - $57.60
4. Bayne - $43.20
5. Mean Gene - $28.80
Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the event. See everyone next weekend. It's gonna be a fun tournament since it will be smack in the middle of the March Madness games. See you then.

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