Friday, March 28, 2008

March Madness Sweet 16 Day 2 and I Don't Roll on Shabbos

By Pauly
Las Vegas

Well, it finally happened. I managed a winning day at the sports book. I was due. Although I went 2-3 for the day, I lost all of my small bets (Wazzu, Wazzu money line, UCLA) and won both of my big bets (Xavier and Louisville). It's such an amazing feeling (border lining orgasmic) to cash a winning sports bet ticket. Talk about having a spring in your step as you walk away from the cashier.

That Wazzu team I had been trashing in the first two round finally showed up in their game against UNC. Of course, I went with an emotional hedge bet and bet small on Wazzu. I have UNC winning it all on several of my sheets.

I watched the games with my brother, Friedman, Senor, Turtle, and Miami Don. We drank up a storm and all won big with Louisville. Derek went against the grain and bet Western Kentucky hard. He won his bet at the final second. UCLA was up by 12 with less than five seconds left. They played swiss cheese defense and allowed Western Kentucky to score a wide open lay up. That fucked me (I would have pushed), but it won Derek a fistful of dollars.

Today's games:
Wisconsin -5.5 Davidson
Texas -2 Stanford
Kansas -12 Villanova
Memphis -5 Michigan State
Historically, Michigan State has seriously fucked me over the last decade. When I pick them to win, they lose. When I bet against them, they win. They cause me more headaches than I'd like to admit, therefore, I'm avoiding that game... even though I think it's today's trap game.

Today's picks? Kansas -12 and Wisconsin -5.5

I actually got Wisconsin at both 5 and 5.5. I bet them last night and the line moved when I woke up this morning. Should be an exciting game.

* * * * *

After the games, we went beer bowling at Red Rock. We got two lanes, drank endless pitchers, and played four games. We had lots of action going all around while jailbait surrounding us on every side. We had a $100 bounty go to the played with the highest overall game. Senor bowled a 209 right out of the gate and that ended up being the high game.

We also were betting on each game. The lowest score had to pay the top score. That happened to me once. I tilted and rolled an atrocious 75.

Miami Don also hustled us in the money ball bets. We'd random select a frame and whoever got a strike in that frame won a pool of either $50 or $100 depending on what we were betting. If no one got a strike, it carried over to the next frame, like a skin in golf. If two people tied, the pool carried over into the next frame with only the players who tied eligible for the pot.

Anyway, we did the money ball pool four times during our outing. Miami Don won the first three and Derek won the last one.

Senor slipped after his first game and finished up with a 153 average. Miami Don was second with a 127 average. Me? 108.

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