Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bettercheck4 Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

It was a crazy March Madness and holiday weekend and we managed to get 28 brave souls to show up for Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. I was hyper-distracted trying to watch the basketball games, live blog the action, host a tournament, and play poker... Pot Limit Omaha at that.

My starting table included my brother Derek, U_madness, bayne, Mean Gene, TanOrpheus, and I_CrackQuads.

I had 9h-8h-8d-6d and a short stack. Mean Gene raised 70. I_CrackQuads called and I called from the big blind. The flop was Qd-4d-2c. I checked. Mean Gene bet the pot. I_CrackQuads folded and I called. The turn was the 5c. I shoved with a gutshot and a flush draw. Mean Gene called with Ks-Kd-5h-3s. The river was the 8s. I backdoored a set. Heh. I overlooked those outs.

I doubled up against Mean Gene. He busted out soon after and took down Gigli. His new moniker, Mean Gigli, quickly became popular in the chat.

I double up against Derek, who had been the table chipleader. I had Qs-Jd-7s-5d. The flop was Qh-9s-2s. I bet 250 and Derek called. The turn was the 3c. I bet 750. Derek moved all in for 2.7K. I called. Derek had Ac-Ah-10h-10c and I was behind. The river was the 8s and I rivered a flush to win the hand and double up.

I moved up to 4th in chips with 19 to go. I had 4K with 18 to go. I got as high as third in chips. At the first break, Bayne was the chipleader with 6.8K.

With about 13 to go, I bluffed at pot when I missed a flush draw and lost to Bisko Kid. I was 4th in chips but slipped to 7th.

I made the final table along with change1OO, Chitwood, S.t.B, Bettercheck4, BiskoKid106, Family Ice, justsomeDude, and bayne_s. I was 6th in chips. Bayne was the chipleader.

Bisko Kid went on a tear and jumped to 14K. He took over the lead. I was languishing until I tripled up. Bayne_s raised to 1.2K. I called along with Bisko Kid in the big blind. The flop was Js-9d-5h. Bisko Kid checked. Bayne bet 2K. I called all in for 1.5K. Bisko Kid check-raised to 4K. Bayne moved all in for a bit more and Bisko Kid called.

Pauly: Ah-Jh-Jc-10c
Bisko: Jd-9h-7d-5s
Bayne: As-Ks-Kd-2d

I was ahead with a set. The turn was the 2c and the river was the 3c. My set held up and I tripled up to 8.5K. Bayne busted out on that hand.

On the bubble, Bettercheck4 took the chip lead from Bisko Kid. I sucked out on Chitwood to bust him on the bubble in 6th place. I was third in chips with 11K.

I moved up to 13K and was second in chips when I played a big pot with the chipleader. The result? I busted out in 5th place. BiskoKid limped. I called from the small blind with Kh-Qh-Jh-9s . Bettercheck4 checked the big blind. The flop was Ac-10c-9d. Everyone checked. The turn was the 8c, which gave me a straight. I bet 1.2K. Bettercheck4 raised to 3.6K. I re-raised to 12K. Bettercheck4 moved all in for 14.3K. I called and was all in. Bettercheck4 also had a straight but was free rolling a flush with Qs-Qc-Jc-7s. The river was the 10c and I was out.

Family Ice hung on with the short stack and busted justsomeDude in 4th place. At the second break, bettercheck was the chipleader wit 28K. Biski was second with 10K and Family Ice the short stack with 3.3K. Family Ice eventually busted out in third. He won last week and returned this week with another impressive performance.

Heads up. Bettercheck4 was ahead 37K to 14K. The battle last only three hands.

On the final hand... BiskoKid106 raised to 1800. Bettercheck4 called. The flop was Kc-Ks-2s. Bettercheck4 checked. BiskoKid106 bet 3.6K. Bettercheck4 check-raised to 7.2K. BiskoKid106 re-raised to 10.8K. Bettercheck4 re-raised to 14.4K. BiskoKid106 called all in.

bettercheck4: Kh-9c-7s-5s
BiskoKid106: Qs-Jc-Jd-10s

The turn was the 8s and the river was the 7c. Bisko Kid turned a flush, but Bettercheck4 rivered the full house to win the pot. Bisko Kid was eliminated in second place and bettercheck4 won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.
Week 8 - Money Winners:
1. bettercheck4 - $112
2. BiskoKid106 - $67.20
3. Family Ice - $44.80
4. justsomeDude - $33.60
5. DrPauly - $22.40
Congrats to bettercheck4 for the win. Thanks to everyone for playing. See you next week.

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