Sunday, March 23, 2008

March Madness Easter Sunday

By Pauly
New York City

I forgot that today was Easter Sunday and I got wrangled into a family dinner, which means no live blogging for today's games.

My brackets have a lot of Xs on them. The good news is that I still have most of my Final Four teams alive.

For the Tao of Poker March Madness Pool, Barry Needs A Job (on_thg) is tied for first with McCormack 1 (E. McCormack). I'm at the back of the pack. Change100 is beating me. She's tied for 22nd place.
Tao of Poker Pool - Top 6:
1 Barry Needs A Job (on_thg) 380
1 McCormack 1 (E. McCormack) 380
3 Harrigan 3 (I. Harrigan) 370
3 Ingoal's Invincibles (I. Hildebrandt) 370
3 Zeem (Zeem) 370
3 Moos 1 (B. Moos) 370

Here are today's games...
Sun 3.23
12:10pm (12) Villanova -5.5 (13) Siena
2:15pm (2) Texas -6.5 (7) Miami (FL)
2:30pm (2) Tennessee -4 (7) Butler
2:40pm (12) Western Kentucky -5.5 (13) San Diego
2:50pm (2) Georgetown -4.5 (10) Davidson
4:45pm (1) Memphis -9 (8) Mississippi State
5:00pm (3) Louisville -7 (6) Oklahoma
5:20pm (1) North Carolina -11 (9) Arkansas

Here are my bets...
Texas -6.5
San Diego +5.5
Memphis -9
My advice? Fade them. I'm 6-7 during the last three days and only stuck $500. I hope to make that back up today and go into the Sweet 16 unstuck. Good luck to everyone!

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