Wednesday, March 12, 2008

66,000 Words in Langerado Pictures

By Pauly
New York City

Otis bought us all tuxes circa 1975

I have been back in NYC for a day and I miss Langerado already. I forgot how much fun that I used to have when I lived among the hippies and all I did was see concerts 250+ days out of the year and followed bands all over the country. A couple of years ago, I sold my soul to the devil and traded my intense love of music for poker. And now, instead of hanging out with spun out hippie chicks, I chase down chipcounts from bad beat machines from all over the world. If I could, I'd trade for my old life back in an instant. Alas, I am where I am. I only get a few instances every year to snag a glimpse of my former self. And when that happens, it's balls to the walls partying.

Anyway, I uploaded 66 pictures to my Langerado photo gallery. Check it out.
Pauly's Langerado photos
I will be posting stories and more videos on Tao of Pauly and at Phish and music blog. I'll be focusing on the Langerado project for the remainder of the week. My recap of Day 1 has already been posted.

I have not played poker in a week. I will return to poker stuff and normally scheduled programming sometime this weekend.

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