Saturday, March 31, 2007

EPT Grand Finale Day 3

By Pauly

Here's my recap of the EPT Grand Finale Day 1b: Chad in Charge and EPT Grand Finale Day 2: Back in Black from Poker News.

I'm back in the luxurious Salle des Etoilles at the Bay Casino in Monte Carlo for Day 3 of the EPT Championships, where there's a red Ferrari parked in front and hot Swedish chicks from and are wandering around the tournament area getting chip counts, while nipping out and distracting extremely tired American media reps such as myself and Otis. You haven't lived life until you've seen the protruding supple nipples of nubile Swedish girls wearing tight jeans and even tighter t-shirts. I might have to re-located to Sweden.

Photo courtesy of Otis

It was a weird Day 2 as both starting flights combined for the first time. Plenty of big names busted out such as Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, Barry Greenstien, Patrik Antonius, Erica Schoenberg, Phil Hellmuth, Noah Boeken, George "Scarf Boy" Danzer, Shaniac, Michaela Johansson, Katja Thater, Bill Chen, David Benyamine, Anthony Holden, Isabelle Mercier, Jan Van Halle, and Carl Olson.

When it was all over Andy Black was the chipleader with Josh Arieh second in chips. Arieh had the quote of the day. After he scooped a monster pot and snagged the chiplead (for a moment) a member of the foreign media who had no idea who he was, asked Arieh for his name. He coldly responded, "Billy Madison."

I stood behind Arieh at the time and started laughing which drew odd looks from the other media around the table. Since then, I've been calling him "Billy Madison" in my updates over at Poker News.

Check out this creepy interview that Tiffany did with Devilfish yesterday. It's hysterical but sleazy too. And you know that Devilfish was on his best behavior. As Shronk said, "I wonder what he's like in a stripclub when he's hammered?" Worst, I imagine.

Click here to view the Devilfish interview.

By the way, stop by PokerNews to follow Day 3's action:
Live Blogging Updates (from yours truly)
Photos (from Filipe)
Videos and Player Interviews (from Shronk and Tiffany)
Oh and check out this link to the EPT Live, where you can follow along the action by watching the feature table online.

And before I go... I have to post a parting shot of Sweden's Michaela Johanssen who failed to make it to Day 3. Yes, I know... I was just as crushed as you were. At least I won a prop bet with Otis. We had a last longer bet... he picked Isabelle Mercier and I had Erica Schoenberg. Isabelle busted out a few minutes before Erica and I won 10 Euros which is like $256 US dollars these days. I won enough for a half of a cheeseburger.

Photo courtesy of Filipe Pacecho

Oh and in case you were wondering, I like Ohio State +1 and UCLA +3.5 today in the Final Four. I dunno if I'll be able to watch the games, but when I woke up this morning old school Scooby Doo cartoons were on... in French.

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