Friday, March 23, 2007

March Madness Sweet 16 Day 2 Picks

By Pauly

Another wild day in Las Vegas. I'm shacking up at Red Rock Casino in Summerlin and avoiding the insanity of the clogged Las Vegas Strip. It feels good to side step the masses that embarked on a Vegas Vacation from their various flyover states. I often prefer smaller groups to travel and party with and finally had my first non-blogger Vegas trip with my brother in years.

Senor's flight from Rhode Island was delayed and by the time he arrived at Red Rock, I had already put my bets in at the sports book. We were at the sports book three hours before game time to ensure we had good seats for the games while Change100 was cleaning up in the adjacent poker room. Derek and Miami Don started drinking heavily by 1pm. It started out with cocktails chased by double shots of Patron. Total animals. By the time I left Miami Don at 11pm, he was still going strong.

Yesterday was one of those days where I'm going to look back and think, "Holy shit! I wagered more money in a five hour period than my old man used to make in a month."

Of course at the time, the concept of American currency ceased to exist. I was betting on numbers on the big board. Gambling on a bunch of 20 year olds in uniforms as I'd trot up to the window and mutter, "Number 668. Ummm... $1,100 to win $1,000."

And when it was all over, I emerged the day as a winner. I went 2-2 overall for the gut wrenching session. I split my two smaller bets, lost my medium bet, and won the monster bet on UCLA. Seriously, nothing in life is sweeter at a sports book than cashing that four figure ticket. (But wait, how about five figures? Of course that would be swell and dandy, but then you have to deal with tax forms and all that mess. It's always best to keep those bets under 5K and make multiple ones if necessary.)

We also bet on four NHL games (went 1-3 on our parlay betting home dogs) and two NBA games. Although the Grizzlies covered against the La-la Lakers, I took the Nuggets with the money line as they lost a one point game to the Bulls on a bucket with 0.2 seconds remaining. As Miami Don said, "Talk about getting rivered."

I'm 24-14-4 overall since March Madness started last week, and up gambling wise. The dogs went 3-1 yesterday. The one pick I had the least confidence in (Memphis +3.5) ended up winning. Ohio State made one of the most amazing comebacks that I had ever seen in the Sweet 16. Down by 20, they came from behind to win and almost covered. They won back-to-back heart attack games.

I blew donkey cock on Kansas. Horrible pick. Alas, no one is perfect.

For Friday's plays, I decided to bet all of the dogs, especially UNLV heavily. I'm taking the Runnin' Rebels with the points and I think they are going to win outright, so I'm going with the money line as well.

Here are the lines courtesy of BoDog as of 10am:
7:10p Butler +10 Florida
7:25p Vanderbilt +7.5 Georgetown
9:40p UNLV +3.5 Oregon
9:55p USC +8 North Carolina

Here are today's bets:
Butler +10
Vanderbilt +7.5
UNLV +3.5
USC +8
UNLV with moneyline +140
I might also hedge with a parlay with the favorites and take UNC, Georgetown, and Florida. But that will be a game time decision.

Derek likes Florida because as he said when they win, they win big. But I'm feeling the dogs today. Friday is the day of the dog. On paper, Florida has covered in five of the last six games. But in reality, Butler is one tough team and if they can convert from downtown, they can keep the game close. I don't need them to win, just to not lose by more than 10! I know that UNC, Georgetown, and Florida are all going to win their games. Alas, I'm betting that they'll win close games, kinda like Kansas and Ohio State yesterday.

UNC is my favorite team (along with pick to win it all in my pool). It will be hard to bet against them, but it's for cash so I'm willing to swallow some Carolina pride for the love of money. The Vandy game is a tough one, but since all the teams from Tennessee covered yesterday (Memphis, Tenn, Grizzlies, and the Predators) we have to go with Vandy!

Here's an unofficial update of the Pauly's Pub March Madness Pool where the chicks are dominating:
Top 5:
1 warren coolidge all-stars (Hector31) 690
2 Logan's Run (Gracie) 670
3 Capt. Tom and the P.O.B.s (Change100) 650
4 Ladies Love Mean Gene 2 (Mean Gene) 620
4 Chico's Bail Bonds (Derek) 620
Oh in case you were wondering, I played an hour of $10 Pai Gow with Change100 around Midnight last night. She dropped a buy in and stormed away from the table after getting cold decked and losing 7 hands in a row. I won $3 and tossed my winnings to the dealer as a tip. My Pai Gow losing streak has finally come to a close.

I have not played one hand of poker since I arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday. And you know what? I hardly miss it, although I signed up for 8/16 Hold'em with a half-kill yesterday and by the time I was called, the first March Madness game was underway.

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