Saturday, March 03, 2007

Flipchip's NBC Heads Up Photos and the Tao of Search

by Pauly

Flipchip is in Las Vegas covering the NBC Heads Up Championship. Stop by Las Vegas and Poker Blog and check out his red carpet photos of the epic event. Flipchip also actually has a rare photo of Phil Ivey smiling in his Day 1 collection! Take a peek.

I have two photo galleries complete at Flickr. Check out the various shots I took in Australia. The first is all poker related photos. The second is my general Flickr account and it includes all random touristy shots of my time in OZ.
Tao of Poker's Aussie Millions gallery (19 photos)
Tao of Pauly's Australia gallery (182 photos)
Congrats to Nordberg for winning the WSOP Circuit event in San Diego two weeks ago. I hung out and drank with Nordberg at the Aussie Millions and he's a cool dude. I'm happy that he won his second Circuit event. Good job, bro.

Thanks to everyone who sent me traffic in February, especially the Top 10 Referrals. Tao of Pauly came out of nowhere to send me the bulk of my traffic. I'm just as shocked as you are. Some of my friends in poker tell me that Tao of Pauly is their favorite blog. The traffic there is growing at a much slower pace than the Tao of Poker, but I'm glad that anyone is reading it. Feel free to add Tao of Pauly to your Bloglines or RSS reader.
Top 10 February Referrals:
1. Tao of Pauly
2. Las Vegas & Poker Blog
3. Chris Fargis' 21 Outs Twice
4. Wicked Chops Poker
5. NeverWin Poker
6. Aaron Gleeman
7. Shaniac
8. AlCantHang
9. Pot Committed
10. Guinness & Poker

Top 10 Random Hilarious Google Referrals:
1. Spearmint Rhino Brandi Habawker stripper
2. Las Vegas NBA all star weekend fights, shootings, thugs
3. Cylcona Gowan naked pics
4. Girls blogs about testicle size
5. Brandi Hawbaker blog ninja insane
6. Clonie Gowen natural breasts
7. Phil Laak heroin Thailand
8. How to maintian strong and healthy dread-locks
9. Mr. Cashman tournaments held at the Taj Mahal
10. My cousin became addicted to crack cocaine she became a crack-whore after getting addicted to online poker

Top 5 Random Yahoo Searches:
1. Rhode Island midget stripper
2. David Williams porn with all the toe-sucking
3. Amish donkey bong bong chicks
4. Where can I find photos of women putting bottles in there pussy
5. (from Sister and brother blow job

Man, those folks who search via Yahoo are a batch of deviant fuckers. I wish that I could make this stuff up. And I had no idea that the Unabomber was a junkie.

Original content written and provided by Pauly from Tao of Poker. All rights reserved.

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