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EPT Grand Finale Day 2: Swedish Massage and Ducth Bananas

By Pauly

I wrote a recap of Day 1a for Poker News. Day 1b should be posted soon. By the way, I had my first ever article translated into Portuguese. Now all my readers from Portugal and Brazil (such as Maridu) can follow along.

I logged another 18 hour day at the Bay Casino in Monte Carlo and yet another night where I was up past 6am working. Ah... thats why I get paid the big bucks which I blow on 20 Euro cheeseburgers and overpriced luke-warm beers served to me by surly and devestatingly slow French barkeeps. Let's start off with more tales of urination with Euros and then some pics of sultry femmes?
Last 5 Pros I Pissed Next to...
1. William Thorsson
2. Hasse Eskilsson
3. Anders Hoyer Berg
4. Stefan Mattsson
5. Chad Brown
And now some pics of the hot Swedish massage therapist that has been repsonsible for a slew of chubbies in the tournament room. Thanks to Filipe Pacheco for the amazing photos. He's the editor of Poker News Portugal and our staff photographer here in Monte Carlo. Filipe should get a Pulitzer and a Nobel Prize for his outstanding photojournalism. OK, take a deep breath now...

I hope those pics from Filipe satisfied any of you horny guys and/or lesbian readers. There's certainly more to life than poker... such as buxom Swedish chicks.

Moving on...

We'll be playing Day 2 at the EPT Grand Finale as the first two flights of Day 1 were completed around 3:40am last night. About 340 or so players remain. I'm still waiting on final numbers.

Chad Brown ended Day 1b as the chipleader with over 140K. He amassed his monster stack after he busted two players on the same hand including Gus Hansen. On a King high flop with two clubs, Hansen flopped bottom two pair with 10-7o. One guy had A-K and CBrown had 9c-6c for a gutshot and a flush draw. He got there on the river as he sent both players to the rail. That had put him over the 100K mark and he never looked back.

Here are the Top 10 starting chip counts for Day 2:
Chad Brown (USA) 150,425
Christopher Ulsrud (Norway) 133,875
Hans Vimmo Eskilsson (Sweden) 110,600
Jani Vilmunen (Finland) 95,925
Steve Jelinek (UK) 95,375
Dario Alioto (Italy) 87,850
Thomas Wahlroos (Finland) 87,625
Andrew Black (UK) 86,925
Peter Christiaan Dalhuijsen (Holland) 82,600
Maurice Kenter III (USA) 76,500
Defending champion Jeff Williams was elimianted along with Phil Ivey, Joe Hachem, Ram Vaswani, Tony Bloom, Roman Yitzahki, Adam Junglen, Juha Helppi, Vanessa Rousso, and Marcel Luske.

Both Phils were in the field yesterday which created a buzz in the room as spectators and media swarmed their tables. Only Phil Hellmuth survived, but he's short stacked. Phil Ivey busted out before the dinner break. By the way, did you know that Hellmuth lost over 536K to Phil Ivey in a game of heads-up Chinese Poker where the Poker Brat was playing 2K a point? Check out the interview we did with Hellmuth where he talks about that incident and his bout of what Shronk refers to as... Phil-anthrophy.

Click here to view the Hellmuth stuck 536K video.

Tiffany and Shronk also did a rare interview with Brian 'sbrugby' Townsend. Here are some other intersting videos from Day 1b:
Day 1b Montage
Phil Ivey interview
Gus Hansen interview
Shaniac interview
Erica Schoenberg & David Benyamine
Oh an I forgot to talk about the hot Dutch girl who's with a documentary film crew. She has been randomly interviewing Dutch players and walks up to them after hands while they are sitting at the tables. Let's just say, she doesn't wear a bra and you can see her bananas when she bends over. Snoopy from Blonde Poker and I had a celestial moment as she honed in on one player. Mon dieu! Rest assured, I have a new assignment for Filipe... Dutch bananas.

Oh... I almost forgot about the prop bet with Otis. I have a last longer bet. He picked Isabelle Mercier and I have Erica Schoenberg. Both were shortstacked late into the evening. Since Erica had twice as many chips as Isabelle, I had to give Otis 2 to 1. Rat bastard. Minutes after we shook hands, Isabelle doubled up. They are close to even when the day ended.

Isabelle was sporting an "Amsterdam" shirt for most of the day then changed clothes after dinner break which I'm sure Change100 would be drooling over her double outfits everday.

Head over to PokerStars Blog to follow Otis' coverage of the event. I love their photos of broken glass. Here's what I wrote yesterday in the Poker News Live Reporting Updates called Shattered Glass:
There seems to be a lot of players knocking over their drinking glasses. Every half hour or so, you can hear the shrill sounds of a glass shattering in the distance. Here in Monte Carlo, players are given Evian water and Pellegrino to drink with fancy long stemmed glasses. They look nice, but are fragile to the touch. Since there are so many spectators, media, staff, and players roaming around the tables... it's inevitable that someone bump into the small tables with the bottles and glasses. The result... one of the staff sweeping up the shattered glass.
Before I go, I must post one last photo. This one is of Michaela Johanssen from Sweden. I first met her at the Aussie Millions and she's wuickly become one of my favorite Scandi poker players here in Monte Carlo. She ended the day as one of the short stacks and we're all hoping she can make it through one more day.

Michaela Johanssen

Action will resume at 2pm local time. Head over to Poker News to follow our live updates, videos, and photos.

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