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EPT Grand Finale Day 4: The Final Four

Action in the EPT Championships ended early last night as we're down to the final four table but I stayed up past 5am watching the NCAA Final Four on NASN (North American Sports Network... which had been showing a ton of hockey all week via TSN). I nailed by big bet on OSU and lost a few bucks on UCLA. At least I wiped out my loses from last weekend at the Red Rock sportsbook.

The big news was the crazy side action that had been going on in the Salle des Etoiles. Since there's a law prohibiting cash games so there's been some big SNGs. One of them involved a 20K Euro buy-in SNG with a hand-shake agreement that everyone would be paid online. That included Japanese industrialist Masaki Kagawa, Fossilman, Joe Hachem, Johhny "Bad_ip" Lodden, Sweden's William Thorson, Haralabos Voulgaris, Finland's Jani Vilmunen, and Norwegian internet pro Tore Lagerborg. Everyone was drinking heavily and having an amazing time.

Shronk taped footage of one of the SNGs and he posted some of it over at Poker News' video gallery.

Click here to view the Day 3 Recap and 20K SNG

At one point Fossilman said to Jani Vilmunen, "I'll play you heads-up 17-card Chinese Poker with two wild cards fr 25K."

A shitfaced Jani blurted out, "I don't know how to play... but sure!"

Generally speaking, Scandis are very shy people and don't like talking to the press or having the photograph taken. But the Scandis are crazy gamblers and loosen up (socially) when they get a few drinks in them. That group also drank until 5am and played two other 20K SNGs and a 40K SNG afterwards.

"It was insane to watch!" said Hiroshi, who is a friend of Masaki.

The other night, William Thorson played Masaki Kagawa heads-up on PokerStars Battleship for 25K a piece. They played six matched and split 3-3.

Here are a few photos I took in the last few days:

Action at the EPT Grand Finale will start in a few moments. There are 32 players left and they will play down to the final 8 for the TV table. Andy Black is still the chipleader and there are 12 British and Americans (combined) left in the field. I have a last longer bet with Snoopy from Blonde Poker. I'm wagering that the Yanks will fare better than the Brits. Our boys don't have as much experience playing againstthe reckless Scandis, but what the hell. I'm an action junkie.

Yesterday's bustouts included: Chad Brown (USA), Thomas Wahlroos (Finland), Joe Beevers (UK), Gunnar Ostebrod (Norway), Jesse Steinberg (USA), William Hill (USA), Johnny Loddden (Norway), and Jonathon Little (USA).
End of Day 3 Top 5 Chipcounts:
1. Andy Black (Ireland) 709,500
2. Dean Sanders (UK) 695,600
3. Antony Lellouche (France) 651,300
4. Gavin Griffin (USA) 629,200
5. Christian Neirinck (Belgium) 549,800
By the way, stop by PokerNews to follow Day 4's action:
Live Blogging Updates (from yours truly)
Photos (from Filipe)
Videos and Player Interviews (from Shronk and Tiffany)
Oh and check out this link to the EPT Live, where you can follow along the action by watching the feature table online. Change100 was watching the live feed and spotted me in the crowd. I'm going to be sweating Andy Black (if he's not at the feature table) so if they cut away to the other tables, look for me wandering around.

Here are some articles and recaps that I have written for Poker News:
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I have a few other prop bets with some other members of the press and one includes if that hot female Dutch interviewer will or will not be wearing a bra today. Of course, I'm betting on that she'll be showing off her free range bananas.

Braless Dutch journalists, hot Swedish railbirds, 20 Euro cheeseburgers, prop bets in media row... yep, just another day in Monte Carlo.

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