Monday, October 18, 2004

Tournament Week, Single Nicky, and Marc Bulger

Random NYC poker oddity of the day... I forgot to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I had lunch with my friend Jenna. And afterwards we saw actress Chole Sevigny looking around in the poker books section at the Barnes & Noble near Union Square. Maybe she's brushing up for an upcoming episode of Celebrity Poker Letdown?

I'm missing out on a $100 buy in NL tournament at the Blue Parrot tonight hosted by Signor Ferrari. I can't miss the Yankees game, man. I'm willing to sacrifice poker and a shot at a $500 pay day for a Yankees-Red Sox game. Priorities. My online poker playing and blogging time had been cut down this past week. And they'll slow down to a moderate trickle when I go out of town for the week... heading up to Boston, Connecticut, and to Rhode Island. I recently upped my mimimum personal writing time from two hours a day to four. That's a daily discipline I've tried my best to hold myself to for almost two years. I used to have a "write five pages a day" rule but I like the two hours... er, four hour workouts better. I also added two hours of reading time... novels mostly... to my daily routine. It feels good that I cut down on the internet time and TV time and reading endless articles about the upcoming election and dare I say reading my favorite poker blogs and Alexa's blog (my favorite blog from a NYC escort). Alas, I lost 1/6 of my day in order to prepare for a major writing project I'm undertaking next month.

Thursday, October 21st at 9pm EST on Poker Stars... $20 buy in

Anyway, I funded Derek's Poker Stars account today, so he's good to go. We've never played in a blogger tourney together. We played together in tournaments in Vegas and Foxwoods, but never in a blogger sanctioned event. Visit Iggy's site for more details. I think my friend Jay is going to play and I know that Coach, a Blue Parrot regular and some time contributor to the Tao of Poker, will be playing. I saw his name as one of the 38 players signed up. With 40% of the prize money going to the winner, it's going to be a decent pay out. I'm hoping to make the final table and improve upon my my best ever 3rd place money finish in WBT II when I had a monster chip lead and blew it all.

Hilton Sisters Challenge 7

I will be hosting a Hilton Sisters Challenge during the duration of the tournament. Of course if you knock me out with them, I kick your ass.

Your mission: You must crack AA with QQ on Poker Stars during the poker bloggers tournament this Thursday.

Prizes: The winner gets a cool ty-dyed Phish shirt or a Pauly painting

Past Winners:
Hilton Sisters Challenge 1: Chris Halverson and Bad Blood
Hilton Sisters Challenge 2: No one
Hilton Sisters Challenge 3: My brother from Poker in the Weeds
Hilton Sisters Challenge 4: Jordan from Hurty Gurty
Hilton Sisters Challenge 5 & 6: No one

My favorite Hilton Sister.

And yes, I'm pumped. Nicky is single again.

Closing Thoughts

Marc Bulger is the man I need to hook me up tonight. I'm down 24 points in my fantasy football league. If Bulger nets 230 yards and 2 TD... then I'll win! The guy I'm playing against is done for the week. Here's the added incentive. My league pays out $100 to the team with the most points every week. My opponent is currently winning with the most points in Week 6... so in one huge game from Bulger... I could scoop the win and the bonus bucks! By the way, my fantasy league is a fourteen teamer with $360 per entry. $2200 goes to first place. Please send out good thoughts to Marc Bulger tonight against the Bucs.

Congrats to HDouble for a year of stellar poker blogging. And three cheers to Mr. Decker on being one of the tallest poker bloggers.

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