Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dealing With Idiots

OK, some nimrod left an anonymous comment on my main blog which irked me to all hell. Read all about the latest non-poker drama in a post titled Dear Loser on the Tao of Pauly. I encourage you to leave your snarky comments. I went off on him in my last post and I can't wait to read what Iggy is going to say in my defense! Some of you are bloggers and you all understand that it's not easy to "put yourself out there" for everyone to see. All I ask is that you have some decency and respect to leave your name along with your comments. I would have blown it off but the jerkoff insisted in hiding behind Anonymous. That gets me all riled up! I have no respect for anonymous commenters. I haven't beaten anyone up since the 10th grade, but this guy made my short list.

I have awesome friends, like Jessica. She just posted this in my defense!
Hey, I guess you weren't around the last time someone tried to flame Pauly in his own blog.

It wasn't pretty.
And guess what?
This is about to get uglier.

Rule number one about the internet: If you don't like it, DON'T FUCKING READ IT. Neither Pauly nor any of his friends have forced you to read his blog. I mean, the moment you found out that he saw Phish in Japan and that that fact pissed you off, maybe you should have closed the window and never returned. No, it seems to me that you came back again and again. After all, you seem to know an awful lot about someone you profess to detest. Stalker much?

Get over yourself.

Question: Is that all you got? You see that Pauly likes Phish... and you base your assessment of -- what was it now, ASSHOLE -- "This blog is so ridiculous it's almost scary" -- on that?

Have you even read his blog, you illiterate piece of filth? Obviously not, or you would never have made that statement in the first place.

And my favorite statement of the FUCKING YEAR: "you my friend are the most self-obsessed egomaniac I have ever come across."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that's cute, you fucktard. Look, Pauly is intelligent. You, not so much. Pauly is talented. You, I highly doubt it. Pauly has friends. You, I don't think so, or you wouldn't have wasted your time on your eloquent piece of criticism.

So let's recap.

Pauly: smart, witty, gregarious, talented.

You: stupid, vapid (big word for ya, killer?), a fucking LOSER, and a hack and whatever it is you do.

Although if what you do falls under the heading of sitting in your Mommy's basement (thank you, Haley) beating off to Japanese anime tentacle porn, then I'd imagine you're a FUCKING PRO.

Don't be bitter, you small dicked asshole. And do yourself a favor and DON'T question my authority on the matter. Because since I, too, am intelligent, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that only a self-concerned jagoff with a miniscule penis puts other people down in order to feel better about themselves.

See? It worked for me.

And another thing... WHY do you have to be anonymous? Why won't you put your name to your "scathing" commentary.? And I'd like to add that by "scathing" I mean "utterly pathetic." Unlike you, Pauly isn't afraid of the words he gives to the world. And neither am I.

My name is Jess. Come and get it, you fucking prick
I'm one lucky guy!

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