Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Good God, Grubby!

The Poker Grub has an honest post about his SNG wrap up, Joe Versus the Volcano, and his life on the edge of the gambler's abyss. Perhaps I should move to Vegas and watch over Grubby... to make sure he sticks to the poker tables and away from the table games and slots. Maybe we can get one of those dog collars rigged so everytime Grubby sits down at the black jack tables, he gets a jolt of electricity to his nether regions.

Late last night after the Yankees game, I placed first in a $10 Aussie Million single table sub-qualifier... winning a free roll into the $70 Aussie Qualifier, also a single table tourney. I played in the $70 qualifier this afternoon and battled my way to fourth place when my A4 shortstack lost to KQ. The only highlight this afternoon was placing third in a $30 SNG.

Iggy is hosting another poker blogger tournament on Poker Stars next Thursday night at 9pm EST. Buy in is $20. I funded my account and I'm already signed up. Have you? I will be offering a Hilton Sisters Bounty for the duration of the tournament. However, if you crack my AA with the Sisters... you win nothing. Instead, I come to your house and kick your ass. He also posted a boisterous letter from Texas Dolly. I love Texans. They're as tough as New Yorkers.

The Poker Geek has a hilarious shit list. And I made it!

Lastly, Boy Genius and Al Cant Hang are doing something weird. Go see for yourself.

Recent Poker Playing Music...
1. The Grateful Dead with Bob Dylan
2. Billie Holiday
3. Charles Mingus
4. The Funky Meters
5. Galactic

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