Thursday, October 14, 2004

Big Slick vs. 10-6s

I'm always the loser. Playing in a $1 NL multi-table tourney on Poker Stars (973 players), I was 50th in chips out of 142 remaining in Level 8. I raised preflop with AK and got two callers. The flop Ah-8c-2h. I bet two times the pot and a guy with a stack about the same size called with 10h-6h. You know what the river was? Kh. If you're gonna chase, at least chase the nut flush. I lost half my stack and slipped to the back of the pack. Up until that point, I got Big Slick five times and Mrs. Slick six times each!

I battled back and made the prize money in my first Poker Stars multi. The key hand was winning the race with 99 vs. AQs. That was a close one. I also bad beated a guy with Mrs. Slick when he had pocket Hellmuths. I doubled up against the big stack with A-10 vs. his A3s. Then it got ugly. In Level 13, I was 19th out of 30 remaining players. With 88 in the LB I moved all in. J10s on the button called. He flopped a Jack and I was out in 25th place out of 973. Although I made the money in my first Poker Stars multi, I was gunning for the final table.

I've only been playing on Poker Stars for a few days but there are two things I like better than Party Poker:
1. The All In situations flip over your cards before the hands begin.
2. Antes in tournaments
Did You Know?

The Yankees nicknamed their teammate Mariano Rivera... The Hammer of God! After he had a conversation with God on the mound during a 1999 game against the Atlanta Braves.

The Hammer of God

Thanks to Al Cant Hang for putting a bounty on my head in next week's Poker Stars Blogger Tourney.

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