Saturday, October 16, 2004

Birthday Greetings

Yesterday was Derek's birthday. Go read his recently updated blog Poker in the Weeds and wish him birthday greetings. He posted his Top 5 things he's going to do in Vegas. I'll post mine in December.

Mini Blogger Tables

I played NL ring games on Party Poker with Iggy and Sean from Anistropy on Thursday and with Bad Blood early this morning. I also played an hour or so with Chris Halverson on the $2-4 tables. He was shocked I sat down, but there were two guys giving their money away... and you know sharks smell blood in the ocean miles and miles away.

By the way, before I ever saw a pictue of Halverson, I swear that I had this image of William H. Macy plugging away on Party Poker. Then we both realized we were alot younger than we both thought.

A thought to ponder... who's the tallest poker blogger? I met Lord Geznikor, and he's a tall guy... by far the tallest out of the bloggers I met. But my money is on HDouble or Sean from Anistropy.

By the way, I'd love to see who'd win a 100 yard dash... Iggy, Al Cant Hang, or Boy Genius. Of course if there was a bottle of SoCo waiting for Al at the finish line, he'd smoke them all. That would be an epic pay-per-view event.

This morning, I had both Al Cant Sleep and The Poker Geek sweat me in the early morning $10 multi when I busted out 193rd out of 530. By the way, I need to come up with a new nickname for The Poker Geek. Perhaps, Jar Jar? Just kidding... I'll come up with one by Vegas.

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