Friday, October 01, 2004

Straight Flush

Last night, I went slumming at the micro limit tables on Party Poker. I got home slightly inebriated, and Iggy and Helixx were hanging out. I finally joined them for ninety minutes of insanity. Other bloggers soon joined the mix. And the lowlight was going bust trying to crack AA with the Hilton Sisters. The highlight was flopping a straight flush when I had just $3.50 left. I should have reloaded just before the hand started.
The Players:
Seat 1: Iggy
Seat 3: Al Cant Fold (and later Otis)
Seat 5: Casion Gosain
Seat 6: "Super Fish"
Seat 8: Dr. Pauly
Seat 9: Helix
Seat 10: Piper
Ah, here's the hand:
Dealt to Dr. Pauly [ 5c, Ac ]
Iggy calls (0.50)
AlCantHang raises (1) to 1
hi--- calls (1)
"Super Fish" calls (1)
HA--- raises (1.50) to 1.50
Dr. Pauly: Alcantlimp... diiick
Dr. Pauly calls (1.25)
He1ixx folds.
Iggy folds.
AlCantHang: oh wait, wasn't the fold button?
AlCantHang raises (1) to 2
hi--- calls (1)
"Super Fish" calls (1)
HA--- calls (0.50)
He1ixx: lol
Dr. Pauly calls (0.50)

** Dealing Flop ** : [ 4c, 2c, 3c ]
JackTripper3 checks.
AlCantHang bets (0.50)
hi--- calls (0.50)
"Super Fish" calls (0.50)
HA--- calls (0.50)
Dr. Pauly: i got the hilton sisters
Dr. Pauly calls (0.50)

** Dealing Turn ** : [ 3d ]

AlCantHang: -- going broke
Dr. Pauly checks.
AlCantHang bets (1)
hi--- folds.
"Super Fish" calls (1)
HA--- folds.
Dr. Pauly: i messed up i should have reloaded
Dr. Pauly calls (1)
Dr. Pauly is all-In.

** Dealing River ** : [ 6s ]
AlCantHang bets (1)
"Super Fish" calls (1)

** Summary **
AlCantHang [ Qd 6d ] [ two pairs, sixes and threes with queen kicker -- Qd,6d,6s,3c,3d ]
"Super Fish" [ Js 6h ] [ two pairs, sixes and threes -- Js,6h,6s,3c,3d ]
Dr. Pauly collected $15.75 [ 5c Ac ] [ a straight flush, five high -- Ac,5c,4c,3c,2c ]
Otis and Iggy showed their big stacks again. Afterwards we all measured our cranks. One of my favorite Andrew Dice Clay jokes was... "She said give me twelve inches and make it hurt. So I fucked her twice and hit her in the head with a brick!"Just another random night on Party Poker. I walked away down $15 but like I said a few weeks ago, I didn't mind losing money when I was having so much fun ramming and jamming pots and taunting Al Cant Hang everytime he entered a pot.

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