Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Monday Night Blogger Mayhem
The Players:
Seat 1: Otis
Seat 2: Daddy from Snail Trax
Seat 4: Bad Blood
Seat 5: Pauly, M.D.
Seat 7: Maudie
Seat 8: Carter
If you build it, they will come. I sat down at a random $25 NL ring table on Party Poker. Within five minutes Carter joined the table. Cool. A fellow blogger. One less idiot I have to worry about. Then Bad Blood sat down and Daddy. A few minutes later Maudie and Otis joined the table. Just like that.... a blogger convention. I still think it's cool that we're all over the place geographically. Maudie's in Oklahoma, Carter in DC, Daddy in Indiana, and the South Carolina boys joining me in the Boogie Down, NY. But at heart, we're all degenerate gamblers.

This is my A.A. meeting. I'm Pauly and I'm a loose aggressive maniac.

I was doing well until Slick suited ran into cowboys... or Hellmuths as F Train has been calling them inhis attempt to corner the market in new poker vernacular. Slowly, I started getting crappy hands and wasn't hitting flops with the decent run of small pairs finding my way. Then I made a stupid move. Moving all in with AJ in LP. I never put the guy UTG on KK. Obviously, if I did, I would have folded. I figured coin flip... 8s or 9s vs my overcards. Nope. He had Hellmuths and I was busted. Rebuy. Again. It's so easy to reload on these $25 NL tables. I don't even think about digging in three or four times to rebuy... since the tables are so fishy it's not uncommon to see someone push 10-7s all in against your pocket aces.

I had to take a dump and I let Derek play a few orbits for me. He usually misses out on the blogger tables, so it was his first chance at experiencing the action he reads about.

At this point, Daddy had qualified for the $300 Aussie Satellite later in the night. He won a qualifier SNG. I got some writing done and logged back in to watch him come from behind with a short stack. He battled his way to the front until his Hellmuths ran into AA. Ouch. It was ugly. I felt so bad for the guy. He was playing great holding on to his chips all night and winning his all in situations. Wrong time to get KK. Anyway, he finished in 13th place with a great showing. Good job. We'll get them next time!

This afternoon, I was playing in a sub-qualifier SNG for the Aussie satellite. With 55 in LP, I flopped quads in a three way pot. At this point, when I don't see a straight flush or quads on Party Poker at my table... I start to suspect something's up.

I played on Poker Stars for the first time since I funded my account. I think I got the coolest picture in my image circle. Anyway, sat down at an NL SNG and finished in the money... 3rd place. K8 lost to K9. Hate when that happens.

It's been a while since I updated my Party Poker tournament results. I hit a nice run at the $30 SNGs and fared well in a few multi tables.
Results on Party Poker the last two weeks:

$5 Multi NL: 371 out of 1101
$5 Omaha hi/lo SNG: 2
$6 Qualifier Saturday 200K SNG: 5
$9 Euro Open Sub-Qualifier SNG: 2, 6, 6
$9 Aussie A Sub-Qaulifier SNG: 2
$9 NL Super Qualifier: 7 out of 70
$10 Stud SNG: 3
$10 Multi NL: 137 out of 290
$10 Euro Open Multi Satellite: 32 out of 97; 40 out of 93; 132 out of 160
$10 Aussie Million A Multi Satellite: 1 out of 160 -- won a $300 free roll
$30 NL SNG: 6, 6, 4, 2, 2, 2
$30 Limit SNG: 3
$36 Aussie Sat. Qualifier SNG: 5
$36 Euro Open Sat. Qualifier SNG: 2
$300 Aussie Million A Satellite: 35 out of 84

Money Invested: $389
Tournaments I made the prize money: 10 out of 23
Gross Winnings: $494 + $372 in freerolls
Profit/ROI: +105 + $372 in freerolls
I finally wrote up a little bit about my jury duty service last week which included be called and dismissed on a murder case. Check out The Real Jury Duty Tales which I posted on my main blog. Here's a bit:
I picked a seat near the window and read the rest of the tabloid newspapers. I did not get to finish Wil's book the day before and started the final pages. I looked up and a smoking hot Puerto Rican girl sat down next to me. She resembled Jessica Alba with once exception... Jessica was in Hollyweird somewhere, and the look-a-like was sitting right next to me. I wanted to slowly peel her clothes off with my teeth.

"Did you get called yesterday?"

She rolled her eyes. "I fuckin' got called for a murder case!"

I love NYC women. The second word that rolled off of her pouty lips was a derivative of "fuck". Hot damn!
Enjoy. See ya at the tables.

Bring on the Sox!

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