Thursday, December 04, 2003

Up for Poker!

I stumbled upon a random blog called: Up for Poker. And once again, I saw that the Tao of Poker was linked up! Thanks to all the guys over at Up for Poker. Check them out! They post some great detailed hand descriptions.

I am slowly realizing that as poker fever grows and more folks catch the bug, with the added inferno called the media... that over the next year, the Tao of Poker might be getting hundreds of new readers every week. Yikes! I better start spell-checking my blogs! I might need to hire an NYU intern to proof read everything for me and transcribe all my bad-beats into detailed and organized blogs!

Anyway, when I get the chance, I'll comb through the archives of my main blog, Tao of Pauly, and try to re-post (to this blog!) any poker related blogs that existed before I created the Tao of Poker.

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