Sunday, December 14, 2003

Derek's Big Pot

He raised pre-flop and a few people called. Three diamonds fell on the river (Q high). Three poeple stayed in afte rmy brother's raise. Another Q fell on the turn. He was heads up with a girl sitting next to him from Hawaii. She called his raise. On the river a fourth diamond fell. I was wondering who held the Ace of diamonds. I figured they were ace and king going back and forth. Derek bet, Hawaii girl raised. Derek re-raised she called. She pulled up pocket Kings!! The table was shocked because everyone made her for a flush. Derek sighed and turne dover his pocket Aces!! Oooohs and Ahhhhs made it's way around the table. It was a huge pot, and a classic matchup of A-A vs. K-K. (And yes, I was pissed because I mucked a Jack of Diamonds.)

Derek chatted with the Hawaii girl. She just moved to Las Vegas and learned hold'em from watching the WSoP on ESPN. Derek was giving her some tips, like... you can't bluff in low limit, because everyone will call. I wondered how many others in the poker room rushed to play due to the extensive replays on ESPN and ESPN2.

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