Monday, December 08, 2003

New Hope to Atlantic City

I am posting something that I blogged to the Tao of Pauly last May. It's one of the first poker posts that I made to my main blog. I'll set the scene for you because it's a strange story. Senor moved backed to NYC (he had been living in Thailand for almost a year). Our friend Modeski manages a band from the Philly area called The Kwait Brothers Band and they had a gig in New Hope, PA at the infamous bar Jon & Peter's. I had been writing freelance articles for a Norwegian news site and was going to write up a review of the Kwait Brothers Band. Senor and I got this great idea of hitting Atlantic City and the Taj Mahal (where the sand turns to gold!) on our way back to NYC.

Here's the original post on 4.14.03... "Senor got wicked wasted, and I had to drive from New Hope, Pennsylvania all the way to Atlantic City after he passed out on me. Atlantic City was cool. I got to smoke a jay on the beach and watch the waves come in and roll back out. Soothing. Got home late yesterday after playing a lot of poker at the Taj Mahal, one of the largest poker rooms I have ever seen. Again I was the youngest one in the game (I'm younger than Senor by 5 weeks!) I lost $49. Which wasn't too bad. As a novice poker professional, I am up for my career, with positive winnings to date. I played a few bad hands and I was careless a couple of times, and had no balls on two hands that would have paid off all my losses for the day. But that's life. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. I'm excited for my second Texas Hold 'em tournament Wednesday at the Mohegan Sun Casino on a Native American reservation in Connecticut. They have poker tournaments every other Wednesday."

Alas, since then the Mohegan Sun has closed down thier poker room.

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