Friday, December 12, 2003

Belle de Jour

Warning! The following site has NO POKER CONTENT, but if you have enough money, you can "poke her" if you like. OK, I'll stop with the bad jokes.

Check out: Belle de Jour... the diary of a London call girl.

My lady friend, Haley, recently admitted to me that she reads the call girl blog First! Before she reads any of my multiple sites. My buddy Jerry is also hooked on Belle de Jour. Indeed, all my friends have been buzzing about her site for the past week or so. Take a peek!

Here's some answers to her most FAQs: "Yes, I really am a call girl. A bored journalist could probably fake this blog but I'm not that clever. I wouldn't say no to a 'real' writing career but lack the necessary perseverance... At university, I studied a wholly academic humanities subject useless to the world at large. Given the choice of prostitution, temping or copywriting - the occupations in London which seem to be constantly hiring - I opted for this. Eventually. Yes, I am aware that such a career move probably indicates a lack of ingenuity or motivation on my part."

You gotta love Belle. We have to get her to start playing pot-limit "Strip" Hold'em.

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