Friday, December 12, 2003

Bowl Mania! Join my College Bowl football pool!

I run fantasy pools on under the group: Pauly's Pub. This week, they set up a pool for the various college football bowls called: Bowl Mania. I am inviting the Tao of Poker readers to join my pool (deadline is Dec 16th). It is free to join (all you have to do is sign up for a screen name via and I will be giving away a prize to the first place winner!! In the past, winners of my pools have gotten: free video rentals, a Pauly painting (yes, I'm a painter too), bootleg CDs, and a 1984 Tug McGraw basbeall card. If you win the overall ESPN pool, you win a free trip somewhere and free hamburgers too (I think?).

All you need to do is earn the most points for selecting the winners of each of this season's 28 bowl games. ESPN's innovative scoring system gives you complete control of your score, with point values based on your level of confidence in each pick.

After you sign up for a screen name and do your picks... then join my group.

Here is some related information and links:

Group name: Pauly's Pub
Group password: pauly

1. Bowl Mania
2. Official Rules
3. How to Play

Sign up before Dec. 16th! Thanks again!

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