Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Four of a Kind at the Luxor... Day 4 Vegas Update

Day 1 (Saturday): + $5 (10 hours)
Day 2 (Sunday): - $50 (8 hours)
Day 3 (Monday): - $99 (12 hours... including the tournament)
Day 4 (Tuesday): +55 (5 hours)
Total (4 days): - $90 in 35 hours

I gambled for 35 hours in Las Vegas and only lost less than $100. I guess I'm happy with that. I know that if I played tighter and walked away a lot sooner when I was up a couple of times... then I would have won money on this trip. Alas, $100 loss is nothing because I had a kick ass time in Vegas with my brother. I really love going there with him to gamble (on black jack or sports betting or for poker... we always have a blast!) and it was cool to see him play. He did very well for a beginner. If I played as tight as he did... I am sure I would have made enough moeny to pay for my expenses.

So what happened on Tuesday?? After we stayed up to play at the Excalibur until 6 am (our $1-3 game was shorthanded... 4 people), we decided to take a mini break to shower and eat breakfast. I took the tram over to the Mandalay Bay to cash in a winning ticket (I bet heavily on Philadelphia against Miami on the Monday Night game and won!) I was going to play in the tournament there, but decided against it at the last minute. We tried to get back on any kind of hold'em table at the Excalibur or at the Luxor, but unfortunately, they did not have any games going on at that time. Two dealers at the Excalibur called in sick, so they were short handed on dealers and only had one game going $2-6, which was full and had a waiting list of at least a dozen names. If I knew I couldn't find a game, I would have registered for the tournament. We walked over to the Luxor and found only one player there (a really, really old guy). Two workers at the poker room said that they’d play with us and the old guy. It was 9am and they thought that if people saw the game going on then they;d sit down to play. The poker room at the Luxor is loacted in a high visible area with a lot of pedestrian traffic walking over from the Excalibur. I played at the table right in front where the room is railed off and sometimes random people would stop and watch the game. A couple of times I turned around and saw a group of rail hangers (some home players or novices too shy to play in a real casino and some just random tourists) checking out our table. That used to bother me and make me nervous, but these days, I'm used to it, so I took it as a sign of interest and respect when random people stopped to watch. I kinda got a rush from that.

OK, the game was short. It was early morning and I forgot to tell you that if you show up first thing in the morning, they have free donuts! Anyway, it would be a matter of time before there were real players in the game. After a half hour of shorthanded play, a couple of people sat down and eventually we had an 8 man game.

After the first hour, I found myself down almost $50. Then I hit an amazing rush of cards... some of the best I got in Vegas. I got pocket Aces twice, once on the button, and another time before the button came around again. I slow played one hand and won, and the other I intended to slow play, but the old guy in front of me raised pre-flop, so I re-raised. My brother held A-K suited and raised on the flop when an Ace fell. One of the guys on my end said, "Wow, your brother is raising you?" I nodded and re-raised. Derek and the old man called. I eventaully chased Derek out by the river, but the old man kept betting. When he called my raise, he was shocked to see my pocket Aces. I was pumped because my big pairs did not hold up at all the day before at the Luxor and at the Excalibur.

I won another big pot on A-K hearts and a hefty win when flopped a flush with K-10 suited. My rush continued with a bevy of medium pairs. I had 9-9 and the flop only had a Jack high. At showdown, I beat a guy with 8-8. The next hand I had 10-10 and flopped 10-2-2. I checked on the river and raised on the turn, only to have everyone fold. When I turned over my cards (I was super proud of my little run) the table all shrugged their shoulders. My stacks of chips were mounting and I stayed in on a few hands I probably shouldn't have.

The Four of a Kind!

In middle position, I held 4-7 suited. Of course I flopped 7-7-7. I checked on the flop and raised when a 4 fell on the turn. I re-raised one guy who bet into me on the river and won a nice size pot. The Luxor gives away a bonus jackpot of $20 to anyone with four of a kind! That was a $70 hand. To think, I almost mucked that shitty opening hand, but because I was on such a run, I played them.

Eventually, I found myself up $125 and my quick rush was over. I slowly lost some of those chips to a few bad beats (a guy caught a straight on the river with two runners!) and a couple of times my A-J and A-Q did not hold up.

Derek did not play very well. He lost on a lot of hands on the river. That was his worst session to date. He lost $75 and ended up down $25 for the trip. I told him that was great since he and Senor nearly dropped $2200 combined wagering on college basketball during our trip in March.

And yeah, I had my best session. It was a quickie. $50 in four hours . Not too shabby. Again I was up $125 in about two plus hours and should have walked away when I had the chance!! I should have walked away when I was up over $100 and doubled up on my initial buy-in. My problem with not winning enough money playing poker is simple... discipline. I play too many hands and don't leave when I should. For example, On two ocacasions, I was up over $125. I buy-in $100 when I play. I love getting a brand new rack of chips. I Always hoped to return to the cashier with two or three racks! Anyway, at two points during the trip, I had over $225 in chips on the table. if I walked away at those peaks, I would be up $250 and yes... instead of down almost $100 this trip, I'd be up $150. However, I would have not played poker for 6 extra hours... something I thought was counter productive since I came all the way to Vegas to play cards and have a great time with my brother.

Ah.... my time in Vegas is over. I do not want to leave. As I am about to depart for the fourth time this year... I leave knowing that I'll be back soon. I'm going to try to win a seat at the 2004 WSoP!!

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