Monday, December 15, 2003

Derek's Day 2

I forgot to blog how he did... he won $47! He should have won more id he walked away earlier. But I was proud of his run. He had some good hands and flopped a set three times... and flopped a full house once. He raised on hands instead of calling (like he did on Day 1) and won bigger pots.

He drew the ire of a couple of old guys at the end of the table. Derek raised pre-flop. I called with A-J off suit. Derek raised on the flop and on the turn everyone folded. On the river I checked and he was going to raise me and everyone made fun of him. "Are you going to raise your own brother?" one lady commented. He didn't and he turned over A-J suited. The old guys were irked that he raised with a A-J. Oh well.

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