Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Link Dump: RIP Amir Vahedi, McLiar, and Rush's OxyContin

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Sadly, the poker community lost Amir Vahedi when he passed away in Las Vegas this weekend. Cause of death is currently unknown. I don't have too many Amir Vahedi stories, but the 2003 final table made him a household name and a highly recognizable face in poker rooms with his trademarked cigar. The last real conversation I had with Amir entailed how he knocked Jose Canseco out of the Main Event a few years back. I missed all of the details of the hand but he had no problems relaying that info to me. Most pros would have blown me off, but Amir took the time to help me do my job.
Mark Seif posted info about Amir's funeral and services which will be held in California. (

Amy Calistri had some nice things to say about Amir. (Aimlessly Chasing Amy)

I could point you to any post that Shamus writes and it will be a worthy read. But definitely take a peek at An Academic Approach to Poker (Gets Dumbed Down) (Hard-Boiled Poker)

Steve Rosenbloom sounds off on Mark McGwire in Mark McLiar Tries to Tell the Truth. (Rosen Blog)

After a rebel attack in Angola, safety concerns are on everyone's mind as the World Cup comes to South Africa this summer. (Wall Street Journal)

Here's a bit of humor (or humour) from the PCA... Security Alert At PCA As Online Poker Player Escapes Hotel. (Melted Felt)

Rush Limbaugh For OxyContin? The DEA is involved in some heady business involving someone using an image of Russ to pimp online sales of the highly-addictive prescription drug. Let's not forget that good old Rush used to have a penchant for the Oxy. I don't blame him. Those things are like eating deep fried donuts topped in hot chocolate and wrapped in bacon, smothered in cheese, and sprinkled with pixie dust. (The Smoking Gun)

The new issue of Truckin' has been released. It features two stories from yours truly including a piece of fiction titled Tubes Under Sand. (Truckin')

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