Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday Link Dump: Tony G Staking Isildur1, PCA Schedule, Get Your Gun Gilbert, Poker Pro Donates Money to Homeless, and Lindgren Heckler

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Let's kick the year off with some random poker news and other useless links...
Who said poker players were heartless? An Oregon pro donated $21,000 to the homeless. (Oregon Live)

Tony G to stake Isildur1? Good grief. This will be either extremely profitable or blow up in The G's face. (Crunch)

I never meshed with Dane Cook. I laugh about 15% of the time when he speaks and the rest of the time I wonder how many cocks he must have sucked to get as far as he did. Suffice to say, I loved the story about Erick Lindgren heckling Dane Cook. (Wicked Chops Poker)

Here's the 2010 PCA schedule. (Tao of Poker)

The new issue of Truckin' is out. Sorry it was late. But I penned a gem titled Stiff Santa. (Truckin')

NBA players are degenerate gamblers. Jordan. Barkley. And now Gilbert Arenas had to pull a gun when one of his teammates demanded that he pay up a debt incurred during a card game. I'm surprised I haven't seen more of that in Las Vegas during the WSOP. Who knows, maybe if the economy fails to improve, we'll see more backers pulling guns on their broke dick horses. (ESPN)

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