Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chitwood Wins the Return of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly; Tao Readers Raise Money for Haiti

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

I felt great to have a chance to play a little PLO on a lazy Saturday afternoon with some friends and help raise money for Haiti in the process. 31 players showed up on PokerStars for the Return of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. This field included a few new faces and the usual cast of PLO junkies.

My starting table included on_thg , S.t.B, mikeyfan1, AcerbicOne, JOHN-E-FLUSH, and CrackerWhite.

Gigli honors went to JOHN-E-FLUSH who busted out in 31st place.

I took a hit early on when my A-A-5-2 was crippled by StB's neo-fascist Ac-Qd-Jc-4s. Shortly after, I busted out in 23rd place by dedbutton. Gah. I hate busting out of my tourneys early.

At the first break, LorraineLove held the chip lead with 15 players to go. KJ was looking good and sitting 4th in chips, and in very good shape of trying to win our prop bet (if he makes the final table, then I donate $50 to Haiti and vice versa).

KJ was sweating it out with a short stack during an extended final table bubble. on_thg was the only one with a smaller stack than KJ, but the pride of Grand Haven,Michigian was not giving up without a hearty fight. He eventually succumbed and bowed out in 10th place. on_thg's elimination has tremendous humanitarian implications because his exit locked up the prop bet for KJ.
Seat 1: chitwood (7680)
Seat 2: Drizztdj (3255)
Seat 3: hacker59 (5120)
Seat 4: LorraineLove (2317)
Seat 5: Albino Lord (5395)
Seat 6: dedbutton (9641)
Seat 7: Family Ice (1515)
Seat 8: chrispriceTO (3885)
Seat 9: lineside (7692)
At the start of the final table, dedbutton was out in front with the chiplead. Play slowed down as the money bubble approach, and Albino Lord eventually went out in 6th place. It sorta went quick after that and before we knew it, action was heads up with chitwood holding the lead.
Heads up chip counts:
Seat 1: chitwood (28307)
Seat 3: hacker59 (18193)
It was fun to watch the heads up battle. Back and forth action. Hacker59 landed the first big blow when he cracked chitwood's Aces with a set of 7's. All in on the flop and Hacker59 doubled up. Chitwood was down to 6K but he got some chips right back when he doubled up with A-A-x-x against Hacker59's K-K-x-x.

Soon after, Chitwood regained the lead. Both players checked a flop of Kc-10-7c. They got it all in on the turn when the Js fell. Chitwood trailed with a set of Jacks and Hacker59 led with a Broadway straight. The river paired the board when the 7h spiked. Chitwood won the pot and never looked back.

On the final hand, both players flopped a straight on a board of 9d-8h-6c. Chitwood had the better end with 10-7. Hacker59 was unfortunately on the bitch-end with 7-5. Chitwood won the pot and Saturdays with Dr. Pauly as Hacker59 finished in second place.
The Money Winners:
1. chitwood - $124
2. hacker59 - $74.40
3. lineside - $49.60
4. Drizztdj - $37.20
5. chrispriceTO - $24.80
Thanks to everyone who played and pimped the event. Thanks to everyone who came out and helped raise a little money. Karma points are coming your way. Congrats to KJ for winning our prop bet. PokerStars matched the $50 so now $100 is going towards the Haiti Fund.

Until next time...

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