Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday Link Dump: NAPT, Chinese Soccer Is Rigged, Worst NFL Team, and Sebok/Smith Prop Bet

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Here's a few items to keep your brain occupied. Feed the beast and kill some time...
Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith are at it again. The two life-long degens have yet another tattoo prop bet going and thy dragged Jeff Madsen into it as well. The LAPC will be the battleground. Which one will end up without a tattoo of the others' faces? (Poker Road)

What is the worst team in the NFL? The Lions? The Rams? The Chefs from that Snickers commercial? A group of experts found out the worst of the worst in Picking the NFL's Worst Team. (Wall Street Journal)

Soccer is rigged in China. Blame the communist government who shut down online casinos. The result? The criminal element running the unregulated online sportsbook who book action on fixed games and even manipulate the outcome themselves. I love a good fixed game, that is, if I'm betting on the right side of the fix. (The Guardian)

Congrats to Expensive Wino for winning Series 3 of Sundays with Dr. Pauly. And congrats to Miami Don for winning the Super TOC and to Acedfilleddreams for winning the TOC. Super TOC and TOC results are here. (Fantasy Sports Live)

My buddy Mike Wise wrote an open birthday card to Gilbert Arenas. (Washington Post)

Forbes calls NBA players thugs. (Deadspin)

I uploaded pics of my trip to Miami for their NYE's run. I also posted a video montage of the epic week. (Flickr & Tao of Pauly)

Lastly, PokerStars will be finally launching the NAPT. Two stops have been announced... the Venetian in Vegas (Feb) and Mohegan Sun (April). Stay tuned for more dates including one or two in Canadia. (PokerStarsBlog)
That's it for now. Have a groovy day and try to flop a monster.

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