Friday, January 15, 2010

Poker Strategies for Conan O'Brien

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

If you have been avoiding the Haiti plight, then you're probably distracting yourself with the latest battle of late night programming as the NBC suits have divided the talent and pitted Conan O'Brien against Jay Leno. This clusterfuck is spearheaded by NBC chairman Jeff Zucker who is dealing with the PR nightmare and fallout after an attempt to shake up their late night TV lineup... and moving the Tonight Show to 12:05 to accommodate a half hour Jay Leno show at 11:35pm after killing his one-hour prime time show.

I think David Letterman said it best... "The Tonight Show at 12:05am ceases to be the Tonight Show. It's the Tomorrow show." Just another Zuck-up, as one Hollywood insider has been calling the NBC chairman's massive screw-ups. Did you know that Zucker once had Conan arrested for pulling a prank during their Harvard days? Seems like someone could take a joke 25 years ago and still can't today.

The other late night hosts are having a field day with the drama. Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel have not been holding back their disdain for Leno and NBC. Meanwhile the majority of Hollywood stars and geeks/dorks/Gen Xers ruling the social media clubs (Facebook & Twitter) have quickly rallied behind Team Conan.

Conan hasn't backed down. He and his writing staff have been whipping NBC during his opening monologue this week with fiery jokes. At one point, Conan said he's be putting up the Tonight Show set up for sale on Craigslist.

Former Hollywood exec, Change100, wrote a bit on the subject in a post called Team Conan.

I sounded off on the topic (and late night TV in general) in a post titled Naps and Conan.

I came across a bit on Gawker where they suggest Poker Strategies for Team Conan O'Brien. It's an amateur assessment, but it made me chuckle. They offer up tree strategies for Conan called The Shandling Straight, The Fox Flush, and Richter's Wild. Check it out.

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