Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prop Bet for Haiti

By Pauly
Los Angeles, CA

Just a reminder....
Saturdays with Dr. Pauly
$10 PLO
16:20 ET or 4:20pm ET
Password: lostvegas
There's a twist on today's version of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. I have a "prop bet" for Haiti with KJ.

Here's how he explains it...
As you may know already my parent's native Haiti was hit by a huge earthquake. Over 100,000 are dead and a million are affected by the tragic event. I decided to start raising money for those who are in great needs in Haiti.

Since I know you are really good with prop betting, I decided to make you that offer:

I will donate $50 if you make the final table in Saturday's game. I make the final table, you donate $50. If we both make the final table and the people in Haiti will receive $100 from us.

You take it down and I will donate $125 (or first place prize whichever is highest) on top of the $50. I take it down and you do the same.

I am giving you the guarantee that the money will go to the right people in Haiti! And this will also make it fun for the two of us on Saturday.
I quickly jumped aboard. I'm a degen at heart, but I do have a heart as well.

Although it's not mandatory and this is NOT a charity event, I do encourage anyone who cashes in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly to donate a percentage of their winnings to Haiti Relief. It's the little things we can do to help others that mean the most.

Thanks to KJ for bringing up this prop bet as we try to raise some money for Haiti and get our PLO fix at the same time.

See you at the tables.

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