Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Rooster Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Las Vegas, NV

All hail the one we call... The Rooster.

Another good turn out for the second week of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. We had 42 runners for a total prize pool of $420. The top five places paid, instead of nine from last week. First place won more this week than last week in a top heavy prize payout distribution.

I played from my hotel room, and had been up since 4am. I already put in a full day with a session at the Bellagio, a walk down the Strip, a couple hours of writing, and a trip to the sports book to place bets.

My brother couldn't play because he was at my mother's birthday dinner in New York City. Change100 was somewhere in Bat Country, at the edge of the desert as she drove out to Las Vegas for the weekend.

I was happy that Jules got up early to play (it was Sunday morning for her in Melbourne). Once again we had a nice mix of players from all over the globe.

And I can't even remember the last time BG played in a blogger tournament! He said it was at least a year.

Phtnm was this week's Gigli. Last week's winner, Grouse14, was moved to my table early on. I got off to a slow start and slipped to 30th out of 40.

I never got anything going. I played a lot of hands and saw a lot of flops. I missed a couple of big draws including a straight flush draw against Kat. I whiffed there and was doomed.

Jakehead busted me in 37th place. I was shorstacked with 275. Three players limped in front of me and I moved all in. Four callers. I was either fucked or gonna get back a lot of chips. I had Ah-Ac-Qh-9c. Double suited Aces. You can't ask for something better than that. The board ran out Kd-Qc-8s-6h-2c. Jakehead won with a set of Kings. I was out and Jakehead took over the chiplead.

At the break, 28 players remained and Bigjer98 was the chipleader. I left the hotel room to sweat my bets in the sports book. I returned to check out how the tournament progressed... and with two tables to go, Double Dave was the chipleader.

With 13 to go, The Rooster jumped out to a big lead. He had over 11K in chips. I left again and returned when it was nine handed. The Rooster was one of the leaders with Preiure. At the second break, The Rooster was the chipleader with six to go. It was the money bubble.

The Rooster got crippled. He was all in against on_thg. The Rooster held As-Ad-6d-2c 6d. On_thg held Ah-Ac-Kh-4h and rivered a Broadway straight. The Rooster was under 1K while on_thg took over the lead with 27K.

The Rooster mounted a comeback, which I missed. I had to meet someone special (Change100's best friend from college) for the first time and had to miss the end of the tournament. The Rooster kept me on top of things with several test messages.

Zeem bubbled out in 6th place. The Rooster sent me a text, "Five left. Game opening up."

I got another text four minutes later from The Rooster, "4 left chip leader me."

One minute later, "3 left."

Thirteen minutes later, "2 left."

Three minutes after his last text. I got, "Game, set, match. THE ROOSTER."

The Rooster beat on_thg heads up. Congrats to both for making it that far and congrats to everyone who made the money.
Week 2 Money Winners:
1. The Rooster - $168
2. on_thg - $100
3. Prieure - $67.20
4. thejim2020 - $50.40
5. Jakehead - $33.60
The Rooster is a cagey mofo. Nice comeback. Thanks again to everyone who played and pimped the tournament. See you next weekend! I already set up next week's event, so you can sign up right now.

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