Sunday, February 03, 2008

Grouse14 Wins the Return of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

48 players showed up for the return of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. Definitely impressed with the turnout, especially since the format was Pot-Limit Omaha and on a Saturday when a lot of you have the day off. I only expected two or three tables at the most. Thanks for wasting your time. And thanks to everyone who pimped it.

For those PLO newbies with was an opportunity to learn how to play at a very low investment. For me, I was excited to play something other than Hold'em. The game was PLO high, not PLO8 like a few of you thought.

Congrats to Grouse14 for taking it down.

Fuell55 was Gigli. Jeciimd busted him two and a half minutes into the tournament. Fuel flopped a baby flush and a set, but Jeciimd flopped the nut flush. Fuel could not boat up and he was done.

Derek was the big stack early on. They he got moved to my table. I doubled up in the second level when I won a pot with set over set; my set of Kings vs. Bettercheck4's set of tens.

At the first break, The Mark was the chipleader with 24 players remaining. Gracie jumped into first with 22 players left. She doubled through Mean Gene with a set over set. It was Kings versus tens once again. Gracie was the first player to pass the 10K mark. Her romp with Matt Damon at the break must have helped.

I was going nowhere until I flopped trips against BiskoKid. We got it all in on the flop and he had a decent draw, but my hand held up and I got up to 4.4K. With 14 to go, BigHeeb took over the lead and I was shortstacked. I finished in 14th place when I made a move and missed a flush against Grouse14.

The Mark jumped back on top for a while, then Grouse14 took over the lead with 12 remaining. Change100 bubbled off the final table. Once the final table was set, Grouse was still in front. Everyone left had made the money, including Chad (aka Pukarama aka Pokerama) who we thought had dropped off the face of the Earth. The last time we hung out was at the Playboy Mansion. How many people can you say that about?

The Mark rushed past the 20K mark once it got six-handed. AlCantHang was all in for his tournament life preflop and came from behind to cripple Bayne and double up. Bayne went out on the next hand. Gracie made a run and doubled up against The Mark with Quads to flirt with the lead.

"THIS IS WHERE I START THROWING UP," wrote The Mark in the chat.

A couple of hands later, The Mark doubled up Grouse when Grouse flopped quad Aces. The Mark slipped to third in chips (after running into quads twice) as Gracie took the lead. AlCantHang finished in 5th place when Grouse took him out. That pot put Grouse in the chiplead. He was the first player past the 30K mark.

With four to go, etl4 was the short stack, which he was for most of the final table and managed to patiently hang in there. Gracie busted out in 4th place as Grouse added more chips to his stack and jumped to over 50K. The Mark finished in 3rd place, which left a one-sided heads up match (66K to 5K) between Grouse and etl4. It took only three hands before it was over. Etl4 busted out in second place, while Grouse took down the tournament.

Here's the final results and list of money winners:
1. Grouse14 - $144
2. etl4 - $96
3. Thee Mark (The Mark) - $57.60
4. Peacecorn (Graice) - $48
5. AlCantHang - $38.40
6. bayne_s - $31.20
7. BigHeeb91 - $26.40
8. Donegal (Pokerama Chad) - $21.60
9. Hermwarfare (Derek) - $16.80
Thanks again to everyone who played. Congrats again to Grouse14 for winning the first tournament back. See everyone next week at PokerStars. Same time, same game.

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