Sunday, February 24, 2008

DrPauly Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
Copenhagen, Denmark

So rigged.

I knew that I'd be in Copenhagen over the weekend. I just didn't know what the internet situation would be like, so my status was questionable, probable, and a game time decision... all at the same time. Lucky for me, Change100 got free internet in her hotel room. She was at work covering the final table of the PokerStars EPT Copenhagen, but I holed up in her hotel room and got wasted, wrote, and watched alpine skiing on the local TV station in the time leading up to the tournament.

38 runners played in the fourth week. The top 5 got paid this week.

My starting table included Grouse14 (Week 1 winner), All_In_Mrs, OneEyedKeith, Family Ice, 3spanky3, AVIGANOLA, and Chewbot.

3spanky3 was Gigli when he went out on the third hand. AVignola doubled up and took over the early chiplead. Jeciimd and Bayne both went out quick.

The Rooster had technical difficulties and arrived 25 minutes late. He was having computer issues.

I busted Vacillate when my double-suited Aces held up against J-J-6-6. I moved up to 11th out of 29.

My brother went out in 29th place. The Rooster headed out in 26th place.

Jumped to 4th in chips with 24 to play. I turned a set of aces against on_thg and doubled up to 3.4K.

I busted The Mark. We both turned a Broadway straight. I had flopped a spade flush draw and The Mark turned a diamond draw. All the money went in on the turn. The river was a spade and I won with the flush. The Mark was out and I had one of the big stacks.

By the first break, I had 7.8K and was second in chips with 22 remaining. MrMojo had just 10 more chips than me.

I knocked out Family Ice when I rivered a flush. I was first with 18 to go. I busted OneEyeKeith and rushed past 11K. I sent AUS-Package to the rail and increased my lead to 14K. Aus-Package played from Australia and got up early on Sunday to play in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

I knocked out Resident Evil in 12th place and had 15K, which was 3x the average. I had 6.5K more than the closest person.

I slipped to 8K when I doubled up on_thg. All that river karma came back to haunt me. my Q-Q were overpowered when on_thg rivered a King.

I put a bad beat on o-hole-ne as he bubbled off the final table. I advanced to the final table as the chipleader. Also there were Amy Calistri, Drizz, on_thg, muellagio, Zeem, AVignola, rwlbll, and MrMojo.

Shortstacled rwlbll was out on the first hand of the final table. I knocked out MrMojo in 8th place. I cracked his Aces. on_thg was out soon after in a three-way pot with Amy and myself. I had over 18K then slipped down to 16K. Zeem went over the 10K mark for a while.

I was the chipleader at the money bubble with six left.

Drizz was the Bubble Boy when I busted him in 6th place. Sick hand too. I limped with 7h-7d-3d-3c. The flop was 9c-6h-3h. I bet 1,600 and Drizz called. The turn was the 8c. I bet 4,800 and put Drizz all in. He called with Ac-9d-6c-5s. He had pair and a flush draw. I rivered quads when the case trey spiked. Drizz was out and the money bubble broke.

At the second break, I was the chipleader with 24K and five left. AVignola was the short stack. Arrested Development came on TV in Danish subtitles.

I opened up the lead a bit and passed 30K, then slipped to 26K when I doubled up muellagio.

I busted AVignola in 5th place. I had Qh-Jh-Js-2s. Muellagio limped. AVignola raised all in for 3,330. I called and muellagio folded. I was ahead of AVignola's Ah-7h-5c-3s. I turned a set of Jacks and that was it.

I had 31K. The other three players did not have more than 10K. I had more than 50% of the chips in play. I was the annoying big stack bully and went over 40K by sheer aggression. Zeem hovered around 9K, as I picked on Amy and Muellagio. Their stacks dwindled to next to nothing. Amy busted out in 4th place when her set of Jacks lost to Zeem's straight.

I had 42K when three-way action started. Muellagio was short stacked, but I managed to send Zeem packing in 3rd place. I had 45.5K. Zeem had 8.2K. I found 8h-7d-6h-5h in the big blind. Zeem raised to 2,400 and I called. The flop was Qc-7c-5c. Zeem checked. I bet 4,800. Zeem check-raised all in for 5,870. I called with two pair and an open-ended straight draw. Zeem held Qs-Qd-6d-4d and was ahead. The turn was the Ad and the river was the 9c. I made my straight and knocked out Zeem in third place.

When heads up started, I was ahead 53K to muellagio's 2.4K We chopped the first hand. I caught a lucky river. Again.

On the second hand of heads up play... it was over. I was in the big blind with 10h-10c-5d-5s. Muellagio raised to 2,400. I re-raised to put him all in. He called with 9s-7d-4d-4s. The board ran out As-7h-6c-Qd-Qh and muellagio finished in second place. I won the pot and the tournament.
Final Table Money Winners:
1. Pauly - $152
2. muellagio - $91.20
3. Zeem - $60.80
4. Blue123 (Amy Calistri) - $45.60
5. AVignola - $30.40
Hey, I just realized that I won my first ever PLO tournament. Sweet. It had nothing to do with skill. All luck. The deck hit me in the face. The river was very kind to me. I sucked out more times than I can count. And I had such a monster stack, a monkey could have played it and won.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who played in Saturdays with Dr. Pauly. See you next week!

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