Saturday, February 16, 2008

BuddyDank Wins Saturdays with Dr. Pauly

By Pauly
New York City

We had a special guest for the third installment of Saturdays with Dr. Pauly, the one and only... Poker Champ. Lots of different faces in this event, which is always good. Iggy was among the first timers in the crowd and even Benjo (everyone's favorite malcontent chain smoking French journalist) played in the event.

There were 44 runners this week, up from 42 from last week. Not too bad of a turnout for a lazy Saturday. The top 5 won prize money.

The Rooster was talking smack all week after winning Saturdays with Dr. Pauly last week. He didn't stop the trash talk when the tournament started.

My starting table included etl4, JoeSpeaker, thejim2020, Prieure, rgpars, and Stewman20.

Benjo lasted three hands and busted out first. He was Gigli. StB was out next, followed by Sir Waffles. Yosoyveneno busted out courtesy of the Dirty Ochoa.

Bayne jumped out to a big lead in the first fifteen minutes and had over 5.2K.

I started out bad... again. I bled some chips early and hovered around 1,250. I flopped three pair with K-J-10-7 and couldn't boat up against Prieure's turned straight.

A half hour into the tournament, Derek was moved to my table and I flopped quads with 4-4... and I got no action. What a fuckin' joke.

I finally got back to even when I rivered a boat against BigHeeb.

Then I lost a crucial pot against thejim2020. I turned a straight when he made a boat. Luckily, I still had chips... less than 600.

I busted out in 28th place. I shoved with K-K-3-2. I lost to Stewman20's flush. He took over the lead with three tables to go.

At the first break, only 22 players remained. Stewman20 had almost 7.7K, while BiskoKid was not far behind with 7.4K. Change100 was third in chips with 5.4K. The Rooster was alive, but at the back of the pack. He was two-tabling at the same time and had gone deep in a Stud tournament.

The Rooster's quest to win back-to-back weeks ended when he finished in 20th place. On a flop of 10d-6d-2d, BuddyDank bet 300. The Rooster raised to 1,500. BuddyDank moved all in for 2,400. The Rooster called with his last 165. The Rooster was all in with Ah-Qd-Js-7d against Buddy Dank's Ad-10c-5d-2c. The Rooster's hand could not improve and he was eliminated in 20th place.

With 19 to go, BiskoKid was the chipleader as he closed in on 9K.

Change100 took over the chip lead after she won an 8.5K pot and busted Iggy and BlackJack14 on the same hand. All the money went in pre-flop. Iggy opened with a raise and Blackjack moved all in with a shortstack. Change100 potted and Iggy moved all in she quickly called with Ah-Ac-Qs-2d. She was ahead and sealed the hand when she turned a set. Iggy and Blackjack were out. Change100 increased her stack to 12K.

PokerChamp flopped quad Queens and busted Jakehead's A-A-x-x in 13th place. He jumped up to 5th in chips.

Stewman20 bubbled off the final table in 10th place when his Hammer House lost to Buddy Dank's Jacks full. Buddy Dank was second in chips with 11K, behind Change100's 13K.

At the final table, AlCantHang was shortstacked and doubled up when he flopped a set of sixes and snapped off Bayne's Aces.

AlCantHang finished in 9th place when the karmic hammer swung back his way and smacked him in the junk. He was all in with Ad-Ah-7d-2d against Chewbot's Kh-Js-Jh-4s. The river was a Jack which sent AlCantHang to the rail. Lucky for him, that he was playing at the bar, so he didn't have to go far to get a consolation cocktail.

Derek busted out in 8th place. His two pair lost to Change100's bigger two pair. She increased her stack to over 16K and still held the chiplead. BiskoKid, who The Rooster referred to as "that hippie kid" was in second with 11K.

At the second break. there were seven players left. BuddyDank had taken over the chiplead with 16.8K. Change100 slipped to second and 11.8K, with BiskoKid in third with 11.6K.

At the point, The Rooster had made the final table of a Stud tournament. Derek and I were sweating him.

I missed Chewbot's elimination in 7th place. Schlepp571 was the bubble boy in 6th place, when BiskoKid took him out. Schlepp571 held Ad-Qc-Qd-Jc but BiskoKid rivered a King to take him out.

The five remaining players made the money.

PokerChamp was the next player to bust out. He was all in on the flop with As-Ac-7s-3h and lost to BuddyDank's Qd-Ts-Tc-9c. Dank flopped a straight and PokerChamp went busto. BuddyDank took over the lead with four to go.

Change100 was shortstacked and needed help. She doubled through BiskoKid to get up to 12K. At that point, Bisko, Bayne, and Change all had about 12-14K, while BuddyDank was sitting on 24K.

Meanwhile, over in his stud tournament, The Rooster was the chipleader with four to go.

Change100 busted out in 4th place. On a flop of Qd-8d-2h, she ran into BuddyDank's two pair. She couldn't improve her pair and was out. BuddyDank was still the chipleader with three to go.

Bisko took third place. On a flop of Ah-5c-3c, Bayne bet 4,800. Bisko was all in for his last 4,190. Bayne held As-6s-5s-2s and was ahead. The turn and river did not help Bisko and he was out.

Action reached the final two with BuddyDank holding a 35K to 30K margin over Bayne. On the third hand of heads up play, Bayne got crippled. On a board of Ad-Jh-2h-As, all the money went in the pot. Bayne held J-J and Jacks full, while BuddyDank's A-2 and Aces full of twos were ahead. His hand held up and he jumped out to a massive lead.

Bayne only last ten more hands before he busted out in second place. On the final hand, Bayne raised to 3,600 and BuddyDank called. The flop was 8s-7h-2h. Dank checked. Bayne moved all in for his last 4,400. Dank called.

BuddyDank: Jh-9h-5h-5d
Bayne: Ad-Qd-9s-7c

Bayne was ahead with a pair, buy BuddyDank turned a flush when the 8h fell. The river was the Qs. Bayne was out in second place. And BuddyDank won Saturdays with Dr. Pauly.

"This was my first real money game on Stars, that I've ever played so obviously I was going to win," explained BuddyDank.

Nice job, for sure. Congrats to BuddyDank and all of the money winners. Thanks to everyone who played and pimped the event.
The Money Winners:
1. BuddyDank - $176
2. Bayne - $105.60
3. BiskoKid106 - $70.40
4. Change100 - $52.80
5. TequilaMom (PokerChamp) - $35.20
I hope to see everyone next week. I'll be in Copenhagen next weekend and will do my best to be able to play.

And if you wondering, The Rooster won his stud tournament. He outlasted 105 runners and was ahead for most of the final table. He took a couple of bad beats and lost the lead, but then The Rooster issued a few beats on the way to his first place victory. The Rooster has won two tournaments over the last two weekends in different events. Nice catch!

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