Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Inside Jokes About Wanting to Be Famous - The Video

By Pauly
Hollyweird, CA

I have the pleasure of working with PokerNews on and off for the last 13 months. Poker News has employees from all over the globe and I got to work with some cool folks from Holland, the UK, Portugal, and New Zealand. Since Poker News is based out of Melbourne, Australia, most of the staff are Aussies. They are one of my favorite groups of people I have met on my travels over the last decade, with a laid back demeanor and wicked sense of humor. The video that appears below demonstrates that.

During assignments to cover tournaments with Poker News, I sometimes get to work with the multimedia guys (Shronk and Tom). During breaks, the on air talent (Schecky, Tiffany, or Amanda) interviewed pros on the sidelines. One day, some nimrod walked through the back of the shot while yapping on his cellphone. That was the birth of an inside joke that has been taken to a new level.

PokerNews employees would attempt the same feat and randomly walk through the background of an interview - without getting caught by the cameraman or interviewer. The inside joke caught on and we really had fun with it during the Aussie Millions.

Tom compiled our hijinks in short flick called PokerNews Team Wants to Be Famous. Check it out...

You have to click through to the Tao of Poker to view the video vis RSS or Bloglines...

I make a cameo a couple of times. Funny stuff for me for sure. Thanks Tom!

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