Monday, February 25, 2008

Referrals: Top 10 in 2088 and Last 5 Obscure Ones

By Pauly
Copenhagen, Denmark

I wish I could make this stuff up!

Last 5 Obscure Google/Yahoo Referrals....
1. Squirting escorts Las Vegas
2. Brandi Hawbaker sex video
3. Commit suicide because lost on poker online
4. Do poker dealer speak English in Bicycle casino?
5. Fred Savage hairpiece

And thanks to all my top referrers!

Top 10 Referrals in 2008...
1. Las Vegas Vegas
2. Tao of Pauly
3. Wicked Chops Poker
4. 2+2
5. Shaniac
6. Iggy
7. Up for Poker
8. AlCantHang
9. Benjo
10. Aaron Gleeman

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