Wednesday, February 28, 2007

L.A. Poker Classic Day 5: Down to 18

By Pauly

There are 18 players remaining at the L.A. Poker Classic and JC Tran made an amazing run. He jump ed from 363K in chips to over $3.46 million in a few hours. Chau Giang, Kristy Gazes, Jason Strasser, Chris Bell, and Paul Wasicka are all still alive. Gazes is one of the short stacks and needs to double up quickly if she wants to make the final table. Day 5 could be the shortest day as they will play down from 18 to 6.

I wrote a Recap of Day 4 which has been posted over at Poker News.

Head over to Poker News for our Live Reporting updates of Day 4 at the L.A. Poker Classic at Commerce Casino.

There's are also plenty of photos courtesy of Amy Calistri in the LAPC Photo Gallery.

Don't forget to check out Poker News' video galleries with our reporter Tiffany Michelle and Schecky interviewing various pros.

Here's an interview with cipleader JC Tran:

Click here to view the video.

Here are some other interesting player interviews that were shot yesterday:
Jason Strasser
Tad Jurgens
Bill Edler
Nick Schulman
Hans "Tuna" Lund
Jeff Cabanillis
Mike Gracz: Hand Anaysis Part I and Part II
Noteworthy eliminations on Day 4 included: CK Hua, Hans "Tuna" Lund, Nam Le,Nick Schulman, Isaac "I got 800K stuck in Neteller" Haxton, Jeff Cabanillas, Lee Markholt, Ted Lawson, Joe Awada, Michael Carson, Greg "FTB"Mueller, Edward "Bolivia" Moncada, and Bodog Ari.

Here are Final 18 chipcounts:
1 JC Tran $3,461,000
2 Jacobo Fernandez $1,334,000
3 Jason Strasser $1,196,000
4 Bill Edler $1,160,000
5 Tad Jurgens $1,059,000
6 Benjamin Johnson $1,055,000
7 David Bach $985,000
8 Chau Giang $813,000
9 Paul Wasicka $806,000
10 Eric Hershler $745,000
11 Chris Bell $636,000
12 Vincent Procopio $512,000
13 Joseph Cordi $512,000
14 Richard Munro $371,000
15 Jay Chang $333,000
16 Kristy Gazes $307,000
17 Juan Alvarado $282,000
18 Shan Jing $266,000
Action for Day 5 resumes at 3:30pm local time, so don't forget to stop by Poker News and check out the Live Reporting of the LA Poker Classic.

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